‘NIGHT FLYER”s Mark Pavia Returning To Directors Seat With ‘SICK NICK’

Mark PaviaMark Pavia‘s 1997 adaptation of Stephen King’s short story THE NIGHT FLYER, was certainly an underrated bright spot in otherwise undistinguished decade for the genre. When Icons of Fright caught up with Pavia in summer ’06 he discussed a long-in-development script for called SICK NICK, a Christmas slasher, which at the time had caught the attention of Platinum Dunes.

Posted on Pavia’s Facebook page today was link to Coll-Abbitt Productions, where it’s been annouced that SICK NICK will soon go into production. This puts Pavia back in the directors chair for the first time since NIGHT FLYER.

The synopsis reads: 

‘House-sitting for the President of the University over Christmas break, Cindy Hart and her college classmates gear up for a crazy night of holiday fun when a massive snowstorm traps them inside without power. Undeterred, they continue to party, unaware of the horror that is about to pay them a visit – a human monster dressed in a red and white suit hell-bent on delivering his terrifying gifts.’

To read more about Pavia, check out our Fright Exclusive Interview:

 Mark Pavia

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