Dark Sky Press Release for HATCHET 2

The folks at Dark Sky are releasing Adam Green’s HATCHET 2 and were kind enough to pass off a press release for the sequel, which we kindly pass along to you:


Hatchet 2


Director Adam Green Follows Up on His Breakout Horror Success

New York, NY (January 12, 2010) – Dark Sky Films, a subsidiary of leading independent producer and distributor MPI Media Group, today announced it has taken on the highly anticipated HATCHET 2, and will help transform  the property into a multi-release franchise. The movie, which has just begun shooting in LA, brings back Kane Hodder as the villainous Victor Crowley, who terrorized the bayou in 2007’s groundbreaking “Hatchet.” Joining Hodder in the cast are Danielle Harris (“Halloween “IV & V”), Tony Todd (“CANDY MAN”) and Tom Holland "CHILD’S PLAY”).

Dark Sky Films has partnered with ArieScope Pictures, the company behind “Hatchet” “Grace” and Green’s upcoming “Frozen,” which will premiere in this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Writer-director Adam Green says: “Victor Crowley has been in my head since I was a kid so, the first movie was really 20 years in the making and a love letter to the films I grew up watching. HATCHET 2 is a gift to the fans for their loyalty.”

ArieScope Pictures producer Cory Neal says: “Hatchet became a phenomenon and a success beyond anything we ever dreamed. So, when gearing up for the sequel we needed to do it right. We needed a company that understood and valued our goals and ambitions. Dark Sky recognizes how big this franchise will be and how far it can go.”

Adam Green added, “Once ‘Hatchet’ became a success, a lot of doors opened. We met with all sorts of companies, both on the studio and independent levels. For the most part, our projects have worked better outside of the studio system. Dark Sky Films was a company with not only experience, but the hunger, ambition and strategy we need to grow.”

Greg Newman, executive vice president Dark Sky Films says: “We are thrilled to be a part of the ‘Hatchet’ franchise. In Victor Crowley, Adam Green has developed an enduring character that will continue to wreak havoc for years to come. Green is among the most talented filmmakers working in the genre and most importantly, he listens to his audience and understands how to make films that surpass their very high expectations. HATCHET 2 will deliver the goods.”

Neal added: “We are thrilled with this marriage and are ecstatic about the opportunities that await. This partnership  with Dark Sky looks very promising because they aren’t just about playing it safe. You can see they aren’t afraid to embrace all aspects of the genre.”

Adds Dark Sky Film’s Newman, “From Ti West’s ‘The House of the Devil,’ to an ambitious slate of films currently in production with the great Larry Fessenden and his team at Glass Eye Pix, Dark Sky Films is committed to bringing the best independent horror films to fans worldwide.”

About Dark Sky Films

Dark Sky Films is dedicated to the discovery, preservation and production of classic and contemporary horror, sci-fi and cult films from around the world. Based in Chicago, Dark Sky Films is a wholly owned subsidiary of The  MPI Media Group – one of the largest independent entertainment companies producing and distributing a compelling slate of the world’s most respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television programs.


 About ArieScope Pictures:

ArieScope Pictures is a feature film and television production company based in Los Angeles. It was founded ten years ago on the philosophy that storytelling should be a group endeavor connecting and endearing both the filmmakers and their audience.

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