Winchesters May Outlast the Apocalypse for 6th Season

 The WinchestersFans of SUPERNATURAL may be a little befuddled over this news.  According to Michael Ausiello over at EW, the show’s creator Eric Kripke may be grasping the idea of a sixth season of the show.

Longtime fans of the Winchester boys’ travails know that the show was originally designed to run for five seasons, and then end.  Every season so far has built upon the previous, so it’s more like a mythology than just a spooky show.

This season is set to bring us right up to the end of days, the Apocalypse itself as Lucifer walks the earth and prepares to enslave humanity.  As devils and angels prepare for all-out war, Sam and Dean Winchester do their best to save humanity and each other.

The question is, how will Kripke top Armageddon itself?  Now that he’s raised the stakes so high, can he really continue on?  And will fans be receptive to it?  Kripke may have backed himself into a corner here.

As an avid SUPERNATURAL fan, I eagerly await the rest of this season, as the show is in hiatus.  As for a sixth season, I’ll wait and see.

Read Ausiello’s brief article at EW here.

–Phil Fasso

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