DAYBREAKERS Has Decent Opening

Amidst the madness of AVATAR, the revisionist attitude of SHERLOCK HOLMES, and the childhood twist on the word "sequel" of ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS:  THE SQUEAKQUEL, DAYBREAKERS premiered at #4 at the U.S. Box Office.

Though it’s not likely to pull down a hundred million dollars like the other three aforementioned flicks, for a horror movie released in January, this is a decent premiere.  As expectations for horror flicks are lower than they are for standard fare, even with the likes of Willem Dafoe and Dennis Quaid shouldn’t have tainted expectations and skewered them much higher.  The film did almost as much business as SHERLOCK and ALVIN, without a character’s name in the title, to boot.

Next week will be a better indicator of the film’s success, and whether or not it has any legs.

–Phil Fasso

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