THING’s Coming Together

Another day, another remake of a 1980s horror classic set to begin production.  Empire is reporting that the prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 classic THE THING will start filming in March, in Toronto.  It’s to be directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., off a script by Eric Heisserer and Ronald D. Moore.

That last paragraph suggests some problems.  First, the reason for filming in Toronto is to take advantage of Canadian tax laws, so I wouldn’t be shocked if 3/4 of the cast star on CW shows or guest star on SUPERNATURAL.  Van Heijningen has directed a sum total of two movies in 14 years, one of which was a short.  Heisserer wrote the screenplay for the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake, so this could be another case of a guy who’s happier to rescript other people’s sacred cows than write his own stuff.  Moore is fresh off scripting BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, an incredibly popular show… that’s also not based on an original idea.  Add these factors to what I’ve heard about the script itself.  From every plot synopsis I’ve heard, it’s the same exact script as Carpenter’s film, transplanted to the Norwegian camp.  If the "prequel" ends up combining the worst of these elements, it sounds like something no one will want to see.

Read the full article at Empire here.

–Phil Fasso

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