Rob Zombie recently chatted with FearNET’s Spider (his brother & POWERMAN 5000 frontman) for the first time since the announcement was made that he’d be returning to write & direct HALLOWEEN 2 (or H2 as it’s being called). Here’s a sample of what he had to say about the upcoming sequel!

On why he’s returning? "For some reason Halloween was one of those shoots that was stressful and crazed from day one. Everything was a struggle and a problem. So, when it was done I was ready to be done. Then time goes by, you regenerate, forget and the idea of a sequel seems okay. But by that point I thought someone else was already doing it. So I just forgot about it. Then I ran into Matt Stein from Weinstein Company at the Scream Awards and found out that it was still up for grabs. So I grabbed it. I love my version of the characters and can’t wait to take them further. This sequel will be different than the first film, much like The Devil’s Rejects was different from House of 1000 Corpses."

As of now, only Tyler Mane is officially signed on to return as Michael Myers for H2. Rumor had it that Malcolm McDowell might not be back as Dr. Sam Loomis. (And yes, he survived in the director’s cut.) However, Zombie says, "I’ve talked with Malcolm and Scout and both are ready to jump back into the madness. There are a few new characters, but things will change a lot over the next few months so I can’t really shed any light on that."

He also says that TYRANNOSAURUS REX should be his next film after "Halloween Two" and tells FearNET that composer Tyler Bates has already started working on new music for the new HALLOWEEN. Read the entire article HERE!

More when we hear it!

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