This is it! With 2008 finally coming to a close, the entire ICONS staff (consisting of Robg., Mike C., Adam Barnick, Jsyn, Danny Price & Beth) all contributed their all time best (and worst) horror films for the year 2008! Did Tomas Alfredson’s Swedish vampire flick LET THE RIGHT ONE IN steal everyone’s top slot? Or did that honor go to the instant classic TRICK ‘R TREAT? How did QUARANTINE fare up against the original Spanish version [REC]? Did January’s monster flick CLOVERFIELD make the cut? Or how about ICONS fave’s THE SIGNAL and SPIRAL? Yay or nay on REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA? Who hated or loved THE STRANGERS? Or SAW V this year? ALL of this and MORE is at the following link! (Or click the image below!)


And when you’re done reading, please come back here and comment. Let us know YOUR favorites of the year! Onward to 2009!!!


  1. I’ve got to take you to task, Mike. Romero’s movies are a lot more subtle than you give them credit for being. Though I always thought the commentary in Dawn was a bit too forward, at no point does Peter explain in a voice over, “See, the mall is a corporate conglomerate, and its patrons are ‘consumers.’ So the zombies are the ultimate consumers! Get it?” He certainly would’ve if he were in Diary. Night comments on Vietnam and racism without. Ever. Mentioning. Them. But yes, the characters all suck in Diary.

  2. I love ‘Trick or Treat’ and ‘Let the Right One In’, but you guys missed ‘Dance of the Dead’, which comes in #2 on my list.

  3. I did catch DANCE OF THE DEAD and thought it was great! Even though I liked it, it didn’t jump out in my mind when I was compiling my top 10 list. I can’t speak for anyone else on the staff, but yeah, that one should’ve made an honorable mention.

  4. Great lists, this helps me to decide what to download next 🙂
    But, for me, the Host should have made the list, if you have not seen it, please do.

  5. I think the Host should have made the list, simply amazing all-around.
    Great list, helps me decide what to download next 🙂

  6. Thanks a mil for the list, guys! I know that I am so far behind with horror for 2008, I don’t even have a “Top Ten” list! Plus, as movie tickets look more and more like the size of a monthly car note, I have to rely on Netflix to get my fix. All the great, funky little mom-and-pop video stores where I could find a lot of this stuff are going the way of the Delorean, so kudos to you cats for keeping us horrorheads posted on what’s out there.
    Of what you did have on the lists, at least a half-dozen of those flicks are on my radar. I want to see REC very badly, and I hope that a good distributor will pick it up and release it in the U.S. the way it needs to be. (Jennifer Carpenter sends me, but I’m NOT gonna see QUARANTINE first.)
    I did see CLOVERFIELD, which I would put in the Top Five (and for one shot in particular that’s the stuff of my wildest nightmares. You know which one that is…it comes right in the last fifteen minutes or so.)
    THE MIST clinched Frank Darabont for me as THE ‘go-to-guy’ for King adaptations. In a perfect world, Marcia Gay Harden would get an Oscar nomination at least.
    After TURISTAS, HOSTEL, WRONG TURN, etc, I was almost ready to give THE RUINS the middle finger, but I decided to say ‘screw it’ and watched it anyway. Boy, was I wrong! I”ve never thought of my cell phone the same way since.
    And I have to jump on the bandwagon with those who think that MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN got the royal ream job by Lionsgate. It’s not the next EXORCIST by any means, but it deserved better treatment than it got. And I don’t know that I would’ve picked Bradley Cooper for the lead, though he didn’t completely suck. But fans of Barker’s BOOKS OF BLOOD know damn well that there will never be a truly faithful adaptation of any of those stories that will EVER get mainstream promotion and release. Well, maybe Showtime could do a series…whoops, never mind.
    I have LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and SPLINTER at the top of my must-see list, and on my guilty pleasure list is FEAST 2. I love FEAST 1, I think John Gulager totally rocks (but since I interviewed the dude, I’m biased – so sue me!)
    I’m gonna have to start coming back here more often for news and reviews! Good site!

  7. If I had a Top 10 instead of a Top 5, I would have, by rights, put The Mist. And I second you on Marcia Gay Harden, Don. She was amazing. I would have love to see her get a nod somewhere.

  8. Paranormal Activity one of the WORST? That’s just crazy talk.
    If you hated it, that’s fine but when I see the words “annoying, inexperienced actors” that shows me that the writer doesn’t know much about the subject. Those performances were terrific and completely natural. It’s like saying “Godfather is boring!” or “Lord of the Rings was cheap!” Stupid and baseless comments like that belong on the IMDB boards.

  9. Obviously we disagree on the film, Sirand. I think this will be a movie that splits people. There’s going to be a cross-section of viewers for whom it simply works, and vice versa.
    In regards to the acting, however, I truly believe they were one of the key reason the film simply did not deliver for me.
    I call them out because a large part of falling into the trap “Paranormal Activity” sets up is whether or not you believe them. I didn’t. I couldn’t buy into their situation precisely because I did not find them believable, and I did not find them natural. It was like watching people “pretend” to be scared. They have to carry that movie, and I don’t they do.

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