Producers Talk New FACES OF DEATH!

In our recent interview with WHILE SHE WAS OUT writer/director Susan Montford, the filmmaker and producer Don Murphy offered some tid-bits on what we can expect from J.T. Petty‘s new take on FACES OF DEATH, the "remake/reimagining" based on the cult-classic VHS series.

Murphy explains, "We’re doing a modern day version of FACES OF DEATH, which is inspired by the old video tapes. We got the rights to the old video tapes, and the basic premise is pretty cool. Which is, back then, you had to get this video tape from Dr. Gross and it was kind of under the table; the sort of thing nobody would talk about. These horrifying, fucked up and crazy videos. Nowadays, you can find people beheaded on So how do you take this underground to the next level? And the writer/director, this very talented kid named JT Petty – he’s written a screenplay with the idea being that Dr. Gross is the leader. Nobody knows what he looks like, but he’s the leader, the head of a group. If you want to get hardcore video? The way you get hardcore video is by trading hardcore video with the “Faces Of Death” group. The idea is to try to turn Dr. Gross ultimately into the new Freddy or the new Jason. Doctor’s are inherently scary to begin with anyways!"

Sounds like trading snuff via the "torrants", which is definitely an interesting take. And with a filmmaker like J.T. Petty at the helm, this definitely should be interesting!

Read the entire interview with Susan Monford and Don Murphy HERE or by clicking the image below:

Check out our vintage interview with writer/director J.T. PETTY by clicking the frame below!

2 thoughts on “Producers Talk New FACES OF DEATH!

  1. i remember the original tapes back in the day. when i was at college me and my friends found them in a local video store in VT where we went to college and we were in the mood to see something totally fucking gross that day me and my friends were feeling like we all had the balls to sit through them all in one sitting. but do to the over load of gross we all didn’t eat any food that night . also we found this video in the horror section with the others film that we think was more gross then any of the faces of death films but i can’t seem to remember the name. i think that if someone was to make a video like that today it probably wouldn’t be able to find someone to release it, mainly because the people of today have been totally pussified and we have been made into babies but the people that grew up in the 80s and back when it was different are mostly still the same people.

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