Just added! FRIGHT exclusive interview with writer/director/producer SUSAN MONTFORD! This month we got the chance to chat with Susan Montford about her directorial debut WHILE SHE WAS OUT (Opening December 12th, 2008), which stars Kim Basinger and Lukas Haas. Producer Don Murphy also joined in for our chat where we got to discuss the making of WHILE SHE WAS OUT, as well as the duo’s working relationship with Guillermo Del Toro (they’re producing SPLICE, as well as Del Toro’s long awaited Lovecraft adaptation AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS), their upcoming project WE3 (based on the Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely comic book) & the FACES OF DEATH remake (with writer/director JT Petty at the helm). They also dispelled a long on-going internet rumor about JOHN CARTER OF MARS. Click the image below to read the full interview!

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