WOLFMAN Moves To November 6th, 2009!

As reported a few weeks back, it appears that Universal’s upcoming remake of their classic monster flick THE WOLFMAN has been pushed from it’s April 3rd release date all the way to November 6th, 2009. No word on why Universal’s delaying the picture. Maybe it’ll fare better in the post-Halloween season? Shock Till You Drop suggests that there’s still an ongoing debate about how to handle the werewolf transformation. (Rick Baker won the Oscar for AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, so Universal should just let him do it his way rather then rely on CGI as most sources are suggesting they’re planning.)

The new update of the classic Universal monster is being helmed by director Joe Johnston from a script by Andrew Kevin Walker (SE7EN) & David Self and stars Benicio Del Toro (SIN CITY), Anthony Hopkins (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), Emily Blunt (WIND CHILL) & Hugo Weaving (V FOR VENDETTA). Rick Baker provides the make-up FX for the new WOLF MAN! Check out Mezco’s WOLFMAN action figure right HERE! Read the official synopsis HERE!

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