New Clip From Gregory Caiafa’s INTRUDER!

Director Greg Caiafa sent over a link to the latest unnerving clip from his upcoming slasher flick, INTRUDER. Caiafa wrote, directed, produced, and edited the flick from October ’07 to this past July with his company Red Circle Pictures in Copake, NY
. Caiafa is shooting for release in 2009. Here’s the clip:
The Intruder

A synopsis of the film from IMDB tell us: “Andrew (Jack Reiling) and Lila (Christena Doggrell) are on vacation. Andrew always loved his family estate, and Lila – fresh from a yearlong stay in an asylum – is not quite ready for the bustle of New York City. The weekend begins promisingly with a scenic drive from the city and a romantic evening alone. After an unexpected detour the couple’s once brilliant future seems back on track. That is until they wake one morning to find the mangled work of a deranged mind literally nailed to their front door. Soon, on a stormy Halloween in the middle of nowhere, a psychopath working under the cloak of darkness begins a sadistic game of cat and mouse with Andrew, Lila, and anyone else unfortunate enough to cross his path.”

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