EXCLUSIVE: Tim “2001 Maniacs” Sullivan’s Latest Writing Project Revealed: MONK AND MERCENARY!

Tim Sullivan, writer, director, journalist, and all around advocate of the horror genre whose gore fueled "2001 Maniacs" and ghostly mystery "Driftwood" captured the attention of horror fiends worldwide over the last few years has announced exclusively to Icons of Fright that he will be undertaking a new writing project, the action/fantasy/thrilled entitled "Monk and Mercenary". Sullivan has teamed up with Estonian music icons, who developed the original story.

Based on an original story concept by Thomas and Tarmo Urb, Sullivan will co-write the screenplay with the elder Urb, Tarmo, who will produce the film through his production company, Karmonika Productions. Swiss financial conglomerate Trilliance Capital has funded development. A graphic novel is in the works from Radical Publishing.

Infusing the explosive action of a James Bond thriller with a new age mysticism, “MONK AND MERCENARY” follows the exploits of a hardened hit man hired to assassinate the enigmatic protector of an Amazonian rain forest targeted for environmental destruction.

“The time to tell this story is now”, voiced Urb. “The world is a dangerous place, but it is also one filled with immense opportunity to awaken to its higher purpose. What better way to entertain and enlighten than with the tale of a killer who does just that?”

Said Sullivan, “Tarmo Urb is one of the most unique individuals I have ever known. A legend in his native country as both a revolutionary and a healer, I was intrigued by the intense personal experience Tarmo brings to this project. He has survived five years of Soviet jails and assassination attempts by the KGB to emerge as a major creative visionary here in the states. “MONK AND MERCENARY” will tap into those diverse experiences with the aim of redefining the action thriller genre.”

TIM SULLIVAN began his career as a Jersey teenager pumping fake blood for the 80s cult horror flick THE DEADLY SPAWN (1983). In 1990, Tim moved to LA where he worked in development at New Line Cinema for five years. It was there that he first encountered DETROIT ROCK CITY (1999), which he eventually co-produced, finding himself yet again pumping fake blood- though this time for Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS. Having formed New Rebellion Entertainment, Tim made his directorial debut with the Lions Gate horror-comedy, 2001 MANIACS (2005), followed by the hip hop fright fest, SNOOP DOGG’S HOOD OF HORROR (2006). With these admittedly over-the-top, decidedly non-PC “Splatsticks" under his belt, for his follow-up, DRIFTWOOD (2006), the filmmaker decided to tackle another type of horror: the post-Columbine American trend of privately owned and operated “Attitude Adjustment Camps” for youths deemed troubled and problematic by their parents. A complete flip in vibe from previous efforts, DRIFTWOOD has been described as ‘Stand By Me’ meets ‘Ghost Story’. Its Sullivan’s way of expressing his driving philosophy that no one should be forced to be what they are not, for if and when that does occur, the real nightmares truly do take shape. Next up, a double dose of 2001 Maniacs; first the graphic novel from Avatar Press followed by BEVERLY HELLBILLYS, it’s much anticipated and demanded sequel. After that, Sullivan will return to more subtle and elegant horror with BROTHERS OF THE BLOOD, a haunting vampire romance starring British sensation Mitch Hewer of SKINS. www.myspace.com/newrebellion

THE BROTHERS URB’s life in the performing arts has spanned many decades and taken many forms. Having won notoriety at an early age as a popular performing duo, Thomas and Tarmo Urb were the first musical act to ever play a solo concert in the prestigious Estonia Concert Hall during Soviet times, an engagement they continue to sell out annually. Upon release of their latest album and accompanying concert video, CITIZEN OF SUN, the Brothers Urb embarked on a widely successful global tour extending from the Temples of Japan to the amphitheaters of Brazil, culminating in a televised performance at the Rio De Janiero Earth Summit. Their songs are believed by many to have a transformative effect, bringing about change and ideological revolution. So powerful is the message of the Brothers Urb’s music that Tarmo once spent 5 years in and out of Soviet jails in an effort by the government to silence his voice. It was only when younger brother Thomas (who, during Tarmo’s incarceration, had made his mark as a highly respected actor in the Soviet film industry) wrote a pleading letter to then President Gorbachev that Tarmo was finally released… only to face an assassination attempt by the KGB, an attempt that failed when the operation’s chief officer became a fan of the Urb’s music and message, allowing the brothers to defect by the skin of their teeth. As dramatic as any book or motion picture, the true story of the Urb Brothers inspired the 1991 best selling novel KAKSI KAUPUNKIA (TWO CITIES), written by Finnish novelist Harry Sirola. Today, Thomas Urb has returned to Estonia where he continues to act on the international stage and screen, having just completed a leading role in esteemed German film director Nana Dzhordzhadze’s powerful RAINBOWMAKER. Tarmo Urb currently resides in Los Angeles, California spearheading Karmonika Productions, a motion picture production company focused on bringing the Urb Brothers’ varied lives and artistry to creative culmination. www.urbbrothers.com


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