Let’s Look At All The Gory Ways That THE PUNISHER Kills People!

Yes, yes. I know we’re a "horror" site. But hell, if it’s cool and we want to talk about something, we’ll talk about it. Today, PUNISHER: WAR ZONE hits theaters. Now, besides being a huge horror fanatic, I’ve also always been a huge comic book fan. In particular, I love the over-the-top crazy work of writer Garth Ennis. Hence I’ve always longed for a proper PUNISHER movie that captured his take on the character. Early word is that PUNISHER: WAR ZONE isn’t exactly a good movie, but it’s definitely a gory good time. (As you can see for yourself below!)

So this weekend, I’m going to watch the big guy with the skull embol kill and punish criminals in the most violent and creative of ways. Watch this redband trailer and tell me that doesn’t look like a ridiculously good time?

(My favorite moment is at the 50 second mark when The Punisher punches a guy so hard, his face caves in. Crazed!)

PUNISHER: WAR ZONE was directed by Lexi Alexander and stars Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Doug Hutchison, (fan fave) Julie Benz (SAW V, DEXTER, RAMBO, the upcoming BOONDOCK SAINTS 2), Dash Mihok and Wayne Knight. It’s in theaters today!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Look At All The Gory Ways That THE PUNISHER Kills People!

  1. I saw War Zone last night. I see people who giv eit bad ratings, obviously THEY HAVE NEVER READ THE DAMN BOOKS!
    They say it is gory and violent. Yes, he is THE PUNISHER! He kills, violently lol. This is true to the comic style. The 04 Punisher was ok, but Jane wanted to steer the movie to make it look like Taxi Driver.
    Stevenson doesn’t show emotion because Castle is not supposed to show emotion. He is a former Marine so he is tough as hell. You can keep your Batman who puts bad guys in looney bins, and your Superman that puts them in jail. I want a guy who has no powers or is a billionaire who kills the bad guys to make sure they don’t come back.
    If you are a true Punisher fan, then you will love this film.

  2. reply to Daemeon Night…THANK YOU!!! how can you see this movie and critic it based upon not ever at least glancing at a Punisher comic? thats like saying batman beats people up to bad or that hulk is 2 mean…THAT’S HOW THEY WERE CREATED!!!!! I love this film for its finaly real depiction of the punisher..its all there..the cheesy but catchy lines..the gore..im gonna see it again this week

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