George Romero Presents DEADTIME STORIES 2?

Even though the anthology film GEORGE A. ROMERO PRESENTS DEADTIME STORIES has yet to come out, apparently portions of the sequel have already started shooting according to The Valley Independent. The article explains, ""Deadtime Stories" is a trilogy of films by Romero, the filmmaker who wrote and directed "Night of the Living Dead" and sequels that grew from the ghoulish flick. Jeff Monahan is one of three directors for "Deadtime Stories 2." The film comprises three scary shorts. The style is similar to the format of the old "Night Gallery" and "Twilight Zone" series. Each movie features Romero, sitting in an armchair with a large book, getting ready to tell his scary tales."

Monahan tells the publication that DEADTIME STORIES 2 should be released in November 2009, and  the plan is to shoot the 3rd movie in the anthology series in the Summer of 09. The movies are being produced through Monahan’s 72nd Street Films, along with Romero, Christine Romero and 555 Films.

Hell, I was just rewatching TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE: THE MOVIE the other day, which I love, so I’m always game for a Romero produced anthology film!

Here’s the trailer for the first DEADTIME STORIES:

We’ll keep you posted on release details as soon as we hear ’em!

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