Production is about to begin shortly on SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT, the second feature from writer/director Sean Cain (NAKED BENEATH THE SURFACE). A co-production of his Velvet Hammer Films and ArsonCuff Entertainment, the title pretty much gives you a good idea of the 2 horror sub-genres the flick plans on combining.

He explained the premise to FANGORIA shortly after the film’s announcement. "The plot is a little like a love triangle between three friends," Cain told FANGORIA. "Frank Talbot and Nash Jackson have been partners on the LAPD for many years—almost the same amount of time that Frank has been married to his wife, Sarah. However, on the day an undead plague breaks out, Frank takes an injured Nash back to the younger man’s apartment and finds his wife there with a packed bag. Because of the zombies, they are trapped inside and having to deal with the fact that both men love the same woman."

Of note for genre fans is the cast of SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT, which features Lew Temple (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN), Felissa Rose (SLEEPAWAY CAMP) and Vernon Wells (THE ROAD WARRIOR, WEIRD SCIENCE).

ICONS recently got the chance to speak with Felissa Rose and ask her about her participation in the film. The actress tells us she already had a friendship with filmmaker Cain before being cast in SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT. "I love Sean. Sean and I met a while back when I did a cameo on EVIL EVER AFTER and we just clicked. One of those times when you just like someone and you say, "Hey, let’s work together!" He was kind enough to think of me when he was casting for this so I really got lucky. I am familiar with his work and I think he’s a very talented person. This film will prove that. He’s incredibly ambitious and smart. And it really moves when it needs to and has a love triangle that’s unique, so I’m diggin it!"

So what role does Felissa play in this story? "I play a woman named Elsa Lansing. She’s very strong, sort of a badass. I am a survivor walking the streets and try to come to the rescue of the others with my partner played by Vernon Wells. We come in in really cool gear, and try to access the situation."

One of the interesting hideout spots that Felissa and Vernon’s characters attempt to bring people to is Burbank airport, a unique setting with lots of space to keep an eye on incoming ghouls! So, do they plan on actually shooting at Burbank airport, or perhaps a soundstage? "We’re on location but it will just be set up to look like the area. Pretty much shooting in one place," Ross tell us. "I love that. Not a lot of running around." She also expressed excitement in working for the first time with fellow genre vets Temple and Wells.

Considering SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT combines holiday themed horrors with the living dead, we just had to ask Felissa her favorite movies in both sub-genres. "Well, BLACK CHRISTMAS is my fave horror/Christmas flick and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is a fave! I recently did a film called CHRISTMAS and I had a ball with that. Nothing like fear amongst the holidays, and killings and gore!"

Last month, the long delayed RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP was finally released on DVD courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. So, we asked Felissa how she felt now that the film she shot 5 years ago is finally available to the fans. "I am happy that no one will ask me again when will it come out! Haha. Yes, I’m relieved it’s out. I hear that there will also be a directors cut. It’s strange seeing something you’ve done so long ago finally hit the streets. I know people had certain expectations about it but it’s another, campy SLEEPAWAY CAMP movie."

RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP holds a lot of personal significance for Rose. It was the first time where several members of the cast & crew, along with director Robert Hiltzik were all reunited 20 years after the original film to make a proper sequel. Felissa also met her husband, Deron Miller on the set. (The singer of CKY having been a huge SLEEPAWAY CAMP fan came to shoot a cameo.) We asked her in retrospect how she looks back at that shoot? "Wow! It was a great shoot. I had a blast. So many amazing friends came out of that film and I did meet Deron. We have two kids, three dogs, a cat, and life is fantastic! I’m thrilled I was a part of this movie and I hope we make another!"

For more on SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT, check out the Velvet Hammer Films website HERE!

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