Tommy Lee Wallace Directing HELLIVERSITY!

Last year during the FRIGHT NIGHT reunion panel at the Texas Fear Fest 2 convention, Tommy Lee Wallace mentioned that he was hoping to do 2 new projects, one titled HELLIVERSITY, the other called SCARY LAND. The Hollywood Reporter says today that, Wallace will shoot HELLIVERSITY in March of 2009!

The article continues, "The writer-director behind "Halloween III" and "Fright Night Part 2" is taking horror film fans back to school. Tommy Lee Wallace will helm "Helliversity," the first film in FarCor Studios and Indusa Global’s new joint venture to produce low-budget indie features. FarCor co-president Dwayne Corbitt and Indusa president James Ram will lead the endeavor. In "Helliversity," a group of American exchange students is terrorized by a vengeful spirit while locked inside a high-security foreign university. A six-week shoot is set for March in Los Angeles and India. Steve Langford, a longtime writer-producer on ABC’s "Family Matters," co-scripted with Wallace."

On top of FRIGHT NIGHT 2 and HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH, Wallace also directed VAMPIRES: LOS MUERTOS, the sequel to John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES, as well as one of my personal favorites STEPHEN KING’S IT! We’re looking forward to this new flick!

Check out the now classic FRIGHT NIGHT reunion transcription (with video!) by clicking the images below!


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