Transcript From Guillermo Del Toro’s BD-LIVE Chat!

Director Guillermo Del Toro participated in the first ever BD-LIVE chat last night.

Basically, if you own a Blu-Ray player or PS3 and pop in your BD copy of HELLBOY 2, Guillermo answered scores of questions live in real time as the movie played. Very cool indeed!

For those of you who have not yet made the BD transition, you can read the entire transcript below. While not very scoop-heavy (ie: no new HOBBIT info yet) it’s a fantastic, personal and funny Q&A with one of the best film makers of our generation. There were some interesting nuggets of info; we will finally see a special edition director’s cut of his very underrated MIMIC sometime in the not-too-distant future, and a Blu-Ray edition of THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE! He also mentions a possible B.P.R.D television series, which I pray actually happens.

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11/23/2008 18:03:43
Q:Are you there?
A:Hello this is Guillermo.

11/23/2008 18:06:11
Q:Did you make a cameo in Hellboy 2?
A:No- but I voice most- if not all -the creatures in the film. I’ve been doing that since CRONOS.

11/23/2008 18:07:20
Q:Is there any creatures that didn’t make it in Hellboy 2 that you can tell us about?
A:Go to the fabulous website and explore for Ydrig the three-headed dog!! It was a great design but too expensive

11/23/2008 18:08:02
Q:Universal announced a pretty busy slate for you after "The Hobbit." Will we see a Hellboy 3?
A:If its up to me- yes!! But it is a corporate decision and regimes change very rapidly at these studios.

11/23/2008 18:08:53
Q:Have you assembled any thoughts/ideas for the third ‘Hellboy’ yet?
A:Oh, Yes- It is the End Of Days- and HB is VERY involved in bringing down the firestorm.

11/23/2008 18:12:11
Q:Will we see a director’s cut off Hellboy2?
A:yeah, you saw it. it was the theatrical release. there is no real missing scenes to speak of. A little change here and there, but not enough to justify a director’s cut.

11/23/2008 18:13:05
Q:What kind of compromises do you have to make on lower budget films?
A:Time and money. And you have to scale your imagination to fit the budget- but ALWAYS push for the MOST you can get from that budget. A filmmaker should NEVER be comfortable with his budget. $85 or $85,000,000 you should always strive for making a film look bigger than its cost.

11/23/2008 18:14:25
Q:Will there be a Lobster Johnson or Abe Sapien movie/miniseries/etc as in the comic books?
A:I would love to a BPRD series happen and we will pitch it to NBC/Universal/sci-fi next year. but still undetermined…

11/23/2008 18:14:37
Q:Any followups similar to Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth in mind?
A:yes. I am trying to finish a story but it will take me a few years to finish. It’s called saturn and the end of day.

11/23/2008 18:17:19
Q:What scene took the longest to film and how long was it?
A:I believe the elemental scene took a couple of weeks and was the longest along with the TROLL MARKET and GOLDEN ARMY scene.

11/23/2008 18:18:19
Q:A recurring theme in your movies is fate (like HB not accepting his destiny). Do you believe in fate?
A:i believe in what jim cameron said in terminator, no fate but what we make. That was a good way of putting it . I believe in choice more than destiny… which is horrible for a fat man.

11/23/2008 18:19:38
Q:What was your favorite location or set for Hellboy 2?
A:I loved the NY backlot streets because i had a golf CART and speeded through it like a maniac and stole the Cheetos off the Hot Dog vendor cart every night!!!

11/23/2008 18:20:49
Q:If you could be invisible for 48 hours – who would you follow and why?
A:I would break into an Ice cream factory and swim in a vat of vanilla all night.

11/23/2008 18:21:48
Q:There any professionals who worked with you on Hellboy II that will be joining you on the Hobbit?
A:Hopefully Mignola, Barlowe, Spectral Motion, Guillermo Navarro and others…

11/23/2008 18:23:05
Q:Do the possibilities that Blu-rays now provide alter your approach to filmmaking? If so, how?
A:Not really- Only in as much as the home video presentation is concerned. BUT I think it is a FANTASTIC format and the best we are bound to see for a long time.

11/23/2008 18:23:45
Q:Did you read comic books when you were growing up?
A:Oh, absolutely- and like everyone else- had my mother throw them away one deadly afternoon (she has not apologized yet), and I have been collecting them for about 40 years.

11/23/2008 18:26:01
Q:How did you and Mike Mignola meet?
A:We met in Portland, Oregon, for the purposes of discussing HELLBOY as a film. We spent most of the day talking about classical horror writers (Le Fanu, MR James, Hope Hodgson, Lovecraft, etc.) and browsing through POWELL’s Bookstore, arguably the best bookstore in the world.

11/23/2008 18:26:54
A:i did. and i’m sad to report that it was quite autobiographical.

11/23/2008 18:27:36
A:I’m not at liberty to discuss that right now, but they have a lot to do with how the movie ends. Yes.

11/23/2008 18:28:18
Q:Will there be a Blu-Ray version of El Espinazo del diablo? If so what kind of extras can we expect?
A:yes. javier and i are working on it right now. it is my hope that we can provide with many more extras than what we have soo far..including the old dvd commentaries and perhaps do an exploration of the trasnalation of gothic. Perhaps do a doc on what gothic romance is and how it got translated into the context of the spanish civil war.

11/23/2008 18:29:07
Q:How did all the other elementals die?
A:the original elemental was burned– burning it to death. Liz was burning it to death with her fire.

11/23/2008 18:29:34
Q:What do you think of the Blu-ray format and its future outlook? Do you see it surviving digital downloads?
A:i do and i hope so cause i find it to be the ideal to preserve the movie. I think the biggest danger that blu-ray faces is that a lot of people will be happy with downloading the movie and keeping them on a hard drive, which is what happened to cds vs mp3s.

11/23/2008 18:30:07
Q:Will you bring back Myers in a future Hellboy movie?
A:my idea is to bring myers back in the 3rd one. a very, very changed myers who has been dented and grizzled, a very dented, very rough myers who definitely has a part in the fate of hellboy and the world.

11/23/2008 18:30:22
Q:Why do trolls eat cats?
A:They taste good and make funny noises when swallowed whole. No- seriously, Trolls would prefer kids, but they are not easy to come by these days, so cats became a substitute for Scottish Trolls.

11/23/2008 18:31:34
Q:Is there a difference in the way you approach and write your Spanish Language films versus your English Lang ones?
A:I guess the mindset is very different up to a point because the rhythm and dialogue are different when i’m doing a commercial genre movie than when i’m doing something perhaps more obscure. in reality, it’s becoming closer and closer the way i write both and i don’t make much of a disctinction between the two, though, i think some distinction remains.

11/23/2008 18:32:57
Q:Will you be using Danny Elfman as a composer again on future projects?
A:Absolutely, but not until after the HOBBIT films.

11/23/2008 18:34:48
A:if there’s a third movie, yes, for a long part of the movie!

11/23/2008 18:35:36
A:i am online in new zealand. and i answered about 50 questions beforehand.

11/23/2008 18:36:05
Q:Is there one of your movies that is particularly close to your heart?
A:The three that i love the most are pan’s labyrinth and devil’s backbone in an exact tie, and hellboy 2 the third one.

11/23/2008 18:36:53
A:i think to keep the plot simple and easy to follow and to make a movie with more monsters. and finally to b
e a little more free because at the end of the day, even though i was trying to be faithful to mignola’s comic…the first hellboy was very different on it own.

11/23/2008 18:37:59
Q:Why did Prince Nuada shatter into pieces when he died, but the Princess did not?
A:because nuada transforms into stone right at the time his knees hit the floor…but beyond that, the idea is that her legacy has more of an endurance than his but anecdotally , he hits the ground as he transforms. if you remember the kings torso also crumbles when nuada pulls out the piece of the crown.

11/23/2008 18:39:01
A:for different reasons, they were both very challenging….in order of painful shoots, the most diffiuclt was mimic, then pan’s, and then hb2.

11/23/2008 18:39:31
A:when i was a kid i found it really disgusting that the tooth fairy would take dead tissues away from my pillow. why would the tooth fairy want it and what would he do with it. for some strange reason i though that it was eating them. that idea that the tooth fairy ate it. has been festering in my brain ever since.

11/23/2008 18:40:17
Q:Who is your favorite monster of all time?
A:the creature of frankenstein. then a close second is the creature from the black lagoon. they were monsters i loved more than the humans around them when i was a kid.

11/23/2008 18:41:25
Q:Why are trolls afraid of canaries?
A:there’s many quirks like that in the fairy tale lore. originally, it was about trolls are afraid of red robins, but the problem was there was not a single red robin in budapest, so we made it a canary, which was funnier, I thought.

11/23/2008 18:42:31
Q:Do you personally sit in on the creation of the soundtrack (effects) for each of your movies?
A:yes. 100 percent. i am very hands on, and i have at least 2 or 3 foley sessions of my own when i do noises and my own pass at some foley. then i end up having 1, 2 or in the case of hellboy, 4 or 5 adr sessions to do the voices of the creatures.

11/23/2008 18:43:16
Q:Do you personally sit in on the creation of the soundtrack (effects) for each of your movies?
A:also very heavily involved in the editing of the sourntracks and i am a pain in the ass in the editing room. they really want to kill me. (cont…)

11/23/2008 18:44:32
Q:what feeling do you have on the last day of working on a film?
A:relief and horror – both in equal measure because i know that post partum depression is about to ensue but also one of the first free days i have had in weeks or months.

11/23/2008 18:45:13
Q:what is your favorite Hellboy line?
A:’i’m not a baby i’m a tumor’, which i came up with right on the shooting day, and it was quite shocking for the studio when they saw it. 🙂

11/23/2008 18:45:21
Q:What’s your favorite Hellboy line?
A:It’s not a baby, it’s a tumore. Which i came up with on that day of shooting. the studio was quite shocked when they saw it! 🙂

11/23/2008 18:47:12
Q:Do you prefer to film on location or on sound stages?
A:Always sound stages. Shooting around Sunlight and wind, etc. is a pain in the ass, but the BEAUTY of a real landscape cannot be captured ANY OTHER way. PAN’S LABYRINTH was shot with a heavy dose of location work although every single space and building in the film was a set.

11/23/2008 18:48:21
Q:When you first start developing an original screenplay, what is your daily writing process?
A:i try to write early in the morning. it is the first thing i do. i just try to write for two hours whether i am inspired or not. i make it a point to read only material that is relevant to the screenplay i’m writing and to only watch movies and docs that are relevant.

11/23/2008 18:48:48
Q:When you first start developing an original screenplay, what is your daily writing process?
A:i like to do as much research as i can. historical or anecdotal, cause it confronts you with things that you never imagined. it doesn’t matter if it’s a fantasy project. research, reading, and writing is ultimately a result of what you are watching.

11/23/2008 18:49:39
Q:What are you watching on television?
A:i am actually just downloading the 4th season of prison break. both my wife and i are addicted to prison break, and we can’t wait for the new season. we are rewatching the wire. i watched it already, but now that the 5 seasons are complete, i’m starting to watch the unit.

11/23/2008 18:50:41
A:anything related to hellboy or mike mignola’s bprd universe. but i also love all of jack kirby, the donald duck comics. i love john stanley, little lulu comics that were brilliant…bernie wrightson. anything by richard corben. I love 1000 comic books or so…

11/23/2008 18:51:33
Q:With all the distractions around you how do you not let others things cloud your own vision for the film.
A:anyone interested in any artistic endeavor is capable of shutting down all the noise and concentrate on what is inside. it’s very easy. actually, if you talk to my immediate family, i think that paying attention to the real world is harder to get me to do.

11/23/2008 18:52:29
A:i would have loved the chance to do try my hand at swamp thing.. jack kirby’s demon and dr. strange and deadman…all the strange ones, all the weird ones, but i don’t think they will be on my plate any time soon.

11/23/2008 18:53:14
A:blade runner and 2001- a tie.

11/23/2008 18:53:42
Q:Do you think filming Hellboy II helped prepare you for filming the Hobbit?
A:Technically, yes- but that’s not the challenge in THE HOBBIT. The challenge is to create and expand a massive universe and be as immersive as the Trilogy was. To approach Tolkien’s book with the right mixture of reverence, enthusiasm and invention.

11/23/2008 18:54:33
A:many many more and we will be pushing the goblin kindgom. we will be pushing smaug, the spiders of mirkwood. we will be pushing them to the edge of technology where we will fuse animatronics and cgi into a seamless new art form in creating creatures, i think.

11/23/2008 18:55:14
Q:Do you plan to use any particular effects or techniques in the Hobbit that were used in Hellboy II?
A:Well, yes, but used in a different way. You will see some mind-boggling mixture of CGI / Puppetry like never before. The demarcation of where one technique ends and the other begins will NOT be as clean as in HBII or BLADE II or PAN’S LABYRINTH. I am going to push further than ever on both fronts.

11/23/2008 18:56:03
A:it will begin in 2010 and we will shoot for about 370 days or so…

11/23/2008 18:56:34
A:yes. very much so. i think that the beauty of being able to control every aspect of the video and audio universe in the film is something i look forward to in the future.

11/23/2008 18:58:21
Q:How long did the special effects and final editing take to make the final film?
A:The advantage of this is that the film is very fast to assemble. THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE was edited in about 4/6 weeks after wrap, I believe and we had a
‘first Assembly’ of HBII in approximately the same period.

11/23/2008 18:59:33
A:i loved the dark knight, even though it opened up 1 week after HB2 and evaporated our box office. but i thought it was a really great movie.

11/23/2008 19:00:57
A:not really. both in hellboy 1 and hellboy 2, 90 to 98 percent of the lines that hellboy says are scripted lines, but i write them specifically for ron, cause i’ve known him for 17 years, and i know how he talks and the sense of humor he has, so hopefully they sound spontaneous.

11/23/2008 19:02:05
A:no, not really
1/23/2008 19:02:57
A:no, not really, but life is full of surprises… 🙂

11/23/2008 19:03:27
Q:If you had a choice, which do you prefer for complicated stunts – CGI or filming them practical?
A:ALWAYS practical. Digital doubles are almost perfect now, but the margin of error is VERY DEEP. It is easier to fake something we don’t know (Monsters, Aliens, etc) than something we know, and the audience identifies something’s fishy with a human figure by millions of vectors. (cont…)

/23/2008 19:04:16
Q:If you had a choice, which do you prefer for complicated stunts – CGI or filming them practical?
A:Having succeeded and failed in the past- I learned my lesson. Digital double must only be used as a last resource. Oh- and never in front of bright lights 😉

11/23/2008 19:04:59
Q:Is there a mythology behind elementals?
A:yes. there is. there’s actually massive amounts of mythology that relates to elemental creatures in almost every folklore and civilization on earth. you can find it in asia, in tolkien, in classical fairytale lore. i think the imagination of elemental creatures is one of the first endeavors the human mind took into consideration, one of the first explorations and explanations of the natural world around us.

11/23/2008 19:06:41
Q:What is your favorite creature in Hellboy 2 and what inspired it’s creation?
A:Well, Either the ANGEL OF DEATH or the ELEMENTAL – wait- wait- or the TOOTH FAIRIES. Damn! I love them all!! lets talk about the elemental for a second. Originally, I wrote about a giant (very TROLLISH, not at all Fi-FO-FUM-ish in design) that came down from the clouds above via a beanstalk. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:07:30
Q:What is your favorite creature in Hellboy 2 and what inspired it’s creation?
A:The budget came back and it proved impossible. Mike and I spoke about maybe ‘burning the tree’ and having a creature emerge from inside, and finally we came to the most economical solution: the Elemental WAS the beanstalk itself. They were one and the same. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:08:17
Q:What is your favorite creature in Hellboy 2 and what inspired it’s creation?
A:I did a sketch or two that Francisco Ruiz and Mike then turned into dozens, if not hundreds of drawings (you can see my original sketch in the DVD and BLU-RAY) and I think Francisco almost went insane in solving its shape and particulars. Believe me, this was the most difficult one to design. I wanted it to be Magical, Beautiful and Majestic but also for it to feel like a threat. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:09:08
Q:What is your favorite creature in Hellboy 2 and what inspired it’s creation?
A:I tortured Francisco into sculpting it in clay and then I tortured the modelers, the animators and everyone along the way, but i think it is one of the most beautiful creatures in the film. The studio fought me every inch of the way into cutting it and I fought very hard for it. Many will not see the way the scene works. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:09:54
Q:What is your favorite creature in Hellboy 2 and what inspired it’s creation?
A:Many argued (and would still argue) that it seems not to move the plot forward, but for me it was an absolutely VITAL character point. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:11:03
Q:What is your favorite creature in Hellboy 2 and what inspired it’s creation?
A:The Elemental needed to be established both as Majestic and destructive to give Hellboy pause- a ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ moment in which a character that has learned -all of his life – to destroy monsters, hesitates to destroy the last of its race only to be met with typical human ingratitude.

11/23/2008 19:11:48
Q:I noticed that Hellboy drinks Tecate. Isn’t he more of a Carta Blanca sort of guy?
A:He is, but i think tecate was the beer that worked very well into making it into the color pallette that we needed tor the scene. It wasi a beer from the north of mexico. it’s very mexican. it is tecate light, because we had a joke in the screen play. he’s a healthy golf club member. if we were getting drunk him and i, we would be drinking bohemia beer.

11/23/2008 19:12:50
Q:On and average week, how much time do you spend absorbing art and media (films, books, video games, etc.)?
A:it depends if my library is fully functional or that my books are orgarnized.. i go to the library after the girls go to school and i don’t go home until 6pm. I spend 4 hours reading everyday. at night at the house, my wife and i try to catch up on a tv series or a movie. i wish i had more time for video games, i would love to be playing gears of war 2 right now.

11/23/2008 19:13:58
Q:What is the gooey substance in the floor in the toothfairy scene?
A:The gooey substance is supposed to be fairy poo. what we did was use a thickening agent called methocell. Methocell is usually used to thicken ice cream. we combined it with saw dust. It was incredibly slippery. so there was a lot of falling on my ass which is so ample i didn’t break an ankle or cause any structural damage.

11/23/2008 19:15:05
Q:Will you still produce projects like you did with JA Bayona’s The Orphanage?
A:yes. i am producing another first film for troy nixie who used to be a brilliant comic book artist. I’m co-producing with mark johnson and the movie will be shot next year. but again, it’s a first film and I am hoping to continue producing first time directors for as long as i can.

11/23/2008 19:16:08
Q:Any followups similar to Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth in mind?
A:About a boy named saturn that brings about the end of the world. apocolyptic scene from his apartment. the end of the world, but through the eyes of an eight year old. This was like pan’s labyrinth and devil’s backbone when we finished them.

11/23/2008 19:17:16
Q:Where do all the different types of creatures come from? They are so different from one another
A:Well, one approach I took on HBII was to have ALL the designers present me with their ‘dream designs’ and select one of them and change it a bit so it would fit with the rest, but not too much, so it would retain its individuality. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:18:10
Q:Where do all the different types of creatures come from? They are so different from one another
A:As a result I gave each designer the control of that creature from start to finish. Much like in an animated movie (I can Spot a Glen Keane or Brad Bird or Takahata character in a few seconds). (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:19:09
Q:Where do all the different types of creatures come from? They are so different from one another
A:So each of them oversaw the sculpting, painting, dressing, hair work until the final result was on screen, and that gave the creatures a distinctive and pas
sionate approach normally not seen on films other than animated ones.

11/23/2008 19:20:07
Q:At what age did you first read The Hobbit?
A:I believe it was between 10 years old and 11 years old. My first copy of it is dated as printed in 1973 and I know I bought it shortly after being published by a great publishing house called MINOTAURO which was (in my childhood years) like the CRITERION COLLECTION of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

11/23/2008 19:21:06
Q:How do you feel about 7.1 surround sound?
A:I love that it can be "scaled down" beautifully from theatrical to home and it can give you a great 360 fully immersive feel and with the Pro-Logic can be made relatively accessible for most users.

11/23/2008 19:21:54
Q:What can you recall as interesting during the filming of ‘The Golden Army’?
A:Everything. We were out-gunned, under-budgeted and shooting against a release date. The margin of error was very slim or non-existent technically, so it was like running a military operation while piles of flying crap are being cannoned at you by insane monkeys. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:23:04
Q:What can you recall as interesting during the filming of ‘The Golden Army’?
A:We didn’t ‘lock’ the budget until we were a few weeks away from shooting. We had to re-design MAJOR sets and storyboard scenes on the fly and choreograph major fight scenes in the spur of the moment.

11/23/2008 19:23:58
Q:How did your vocal cameo in Quantum of Solace come about?
A:Alfonso is friends with the director and we were at hand – I guess- by being in London and in the same post-production facility, so- The great thing about it was to go home that night and tell my wife: "I just finished ‘my scene’ with Daniel Craig"

11/23/2008 19:25:12
Q:Will you ever do a special edition of Mimic?
A:We ARE doing it. The other day we watched parts of my cut for the first time in 10 years and I LOVED IT!! I had forgotten what a different movie it was. It will be released in a couple of years but we are indeed already on the way of doing a fabulous ‘Director’s Cut’ that I can finally love!!! There’s so much of that movie that I love and so little I hate – but I hate that ‘little’ very deeply.

11/23/2008 19:26:15
Q:Why did you replace Marco Beltrami with Danny Elfman for the second film?
A:the original decision to not use Marco came from the drive to find a UK-based composer, but once that was gone, I came to believe that the score for the second movie needed a different energy and direction than the first one. So the ‘theme’ of each film would be different from the next. Again, much like the Sinbad movies. Each adventure had a distinctive sound.

11/23/2008 19:27:15
Q:Do your family have input/influence the type of projects you Direct?
A:Every day as I finish the day and stop by the editing room, my daughter and my wife watch my assembled footage with me and tell me what they think: ‘more of this-‘, ‘Less of that-‘ and they also look at all the designs, sculptures, etc. as many times as I can. They are a massive support in my life.

11/23/2008 19:28:15
Q:Do you consider film as an art form or a form of entertainment?
A:i believe its both and it can be both. it can also be a matter of choosing one or the other, but for me its both. i think that actually some films can stand along any other work of art in my mind…certainly many of the classics. i think that is as valid for theater, ballet, painting, poetry, etc.

11/23/2008 19:29:08
Q:I’m not familiar with the Hellboy comics. How true to the ideas in the comics did you try to stay?
A:You MUST read the comics!! They are- in my opinion- some of the best the medium can offer. As said, HELLBOY (the first film) was more devoted in sticking to the comics origin and storyline. Nevertheless Kroenen is VERY different from the Kroenen in the Comics, Abe is very different, Liz and Hellboy are never in love in the comics, etc, etc

11/23/2008 19:29:46
Q:How long did it take to create the script for this movie?
A:About two years. I tried to keep the plot simple- lean and easy to follow and tried to concentrate in the ‘baroque-ness’ of the adventures and places our heroes visited and the creatures they met. As a kid (and as an adult) I worshipped the Harryhausen adventure films like the Sinbad films at which kept an easy to follow travelogue with amazing beasts and places. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:30:48
Q:How long did it take to create the script for this movie?
A:The script sprung from the same readings that gave birth to PAN’S LABYRINTH (namely Fairy Tale literature and analytical texts on the subject) and, curiously enough, tried very hard to be visually diffferent from all other big-budget Fantasy Films. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:31:29
Q:How long did it take to create the script for this movie?
A:We knew we couldn’t out-LOTR the LOTR trilogy so we went for an Easter aesthetic mixed with vague Celtic motifs (The Prince’s armour is very Japanese in Style as are the Princess gowns and the Troll Market is plagued by Arabic influence and Eastern European architecture) and a very bold -almost Circus-like- color palette in the light design, fight choreography, etc (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:32:14
Q:How long did it take to create the script for this movie?
A:For the record- neither Peter Jackson nor I had the faintest contact about the HOBBIT movies prior to the absolute completion of HELLBOY II. I got Peter’s first call in December 2007- way after we wrapped the film. So, the visuals in the HOBBIT movie are not anticipated in the HBII movie.

11/23/2008 19:33:19
Q:Why is it so important to you that you support the home video market?
A:A) Because it is the final archival form of the film- most people will never see the movie again in a theatrical presentation, so it is our duty to give them the perfect home theatre experience. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:34:04
Q:Why is it so important to you that you support the home video market?
A:B) Because i try to make my DVD’s and BLU-RAY’s an ‘all-access’ educational glimpse into our filmmaking process. We try to keep it very candid and educational. Not just ‘everything worked out’ and ‘we are all great’ but we allow you to glimpse our tribulations, the way decisions are affected by budget or an FX that doesnt work, etc

11/23/2008 19:35:39
Q:Was Seth MacFarlane on set voicing Krauss? If not, who was?
A:On set, Johann was voiced by John Alexander and James Dodd as they both performed the role at different times (John played the legless Goblin too)

11/23/2008 19:36:20
Q:How long did the filming of the movie take?
A:Aproximately 132 days (4/5 days LESS than the first film) and once again, there was no Second Unit utilized.

1/23/2008 19:37:20
Q:What was your most rewarding moment when making Hellboy II?
A:Three moments: THE ELEMENTAL, THE TROLL MARKET and the Johann ADR sessions with Seth MacFarlane. In all three instances I was floored by seeing something that lived in my brain for so long, finally being ‘complete’ and realized. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:38:20
Q:What was your most rewarding moment when making Hellboy II?
A:The TROLL MARKET, much like THE ELEMENTAL had many people against it. Mainly because they were expensive scenes that were debated in terms of PLOT but that I argued were needed for DRAMA and CHAR
ACTER (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:39:11
Q:What was your most rewarding moment when making Hellboy II?
A:Hellboy -and the audience- must be wowed into the TROLL MARKET (‘You should see this!!’ he says to liz) because the tide will turn him from Monster-hater to quitting the BPRD he must realize the awesome, unique nature of Monsters in order to enact the change, to learn NOT to destroy (‘I win, you live…’ he says to Nuada, quite a reversal)

11/23/2008 19:40:10
Q:How long did it take to transform Ron Perlman into Hellboy before shooting?
A:Just the face and hands 4 hours, full-body 6 / 7 hours. Less if he didn’t sing that much and smoke cigars or walk his dog around the catering tent in half make-up.

11/23/2008 19:40:47
Q:What film will you be doing after The Hobbit?
A:I dont know- life always surprises me- especially when I answer assertively one of these questions 😉

11/23/2008 19:41:27
Q:How did you find yourself becoming interested in film making?
A:When I was a child, my father bought a super-8 camera and projector, and I started doing amateur movies at age 8. I didn’t know it was called directing or that one could make a living off of it. I just started directing and did a few super 8 films. It all grew from there-

11/23/2008 19:42:14
Q:How do you use constructive criticism from the cast/crew when bringing your vision to the screen?
A:Well- to be absolutely honest I am pretty prickly about things. I am pretty stubborn about the way things should be- I wish I was a better person, but I bristle rapidly at first. A few minutes later, if the thought sticks, I consider it seriously and act on it. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:42:51
Q:How do you use constructive criticism from the cast/crew when bringing your vision to the screen?
A:I have no problem standing in front of a crew and apologizing for having screwed something up and ask them to do it again, differently; but it must be well-observed. If anyone in the crew ‘chimes in’ carelessly, I am not all too kind about it. I encourage well-thought opinion, but I am impatient with casual observations.

11/23/2008 19:43:33
Q:Will you be working with Guillermo Navarro on The Hobbit?
A:I hope so!!

11/23/2008 19:44:04
Q:What was the hardest thing of creating Hellboy 2?
A:Delivering the spectacle of a SUMMER FILM on a budget about half (85 million) than the films surrounding us that season and then keeping the ‘little character’ quirks in perspective with the big action scenes. Oh- and- keeping it truly free and insane (it is a VERY strange Summer movie)

11/23/2008 19:44:52
Q:What is the coolest feature you have seen on a Blu-ray movie?
A:Ahem- our very own Schufften Glasses View!!

11/23/2008 19:45:18
Q:Is Hellboy (Ron) cranky in real life, as well?
A:The answer will be ‘Yes’ but I still love the rascal because he is also adorable and loyal and a delightful raconteur. And, by the way, I was ultra cranky when we shot HBII.

11/23/2008 19:45:49
Q:You seem to lean towards making fantastical films. Is this your favorite genre?
A:I love making movies with weird elements on them. And I love having monsters in my call-sheet, but the day may come when I do a movie where the fantastical is harder to pinpoint. I love Lynch and I would say his films are full of invention and madness, but the element which makes them slant towards the symbolic / fantastic is insidiously hard to discern.

11/23/2008 19:46:36
A:I did to a point. I thought the first movie was dubbed the wrong way in Mexico and Spain so I had some input but not on every voice, just the main ones.

11/23/2008 19:47:23
Q:Do you view DVD/Blu-ray extras as a chance to give fans deeper insight into your project, or is it just more work?
A:I think that it is a VERY DIFFERENt, much more immersive medium but we are JUST BARELy starting to explore it. Most Blu-ray discs are a pain to navigate and don’t use the storage advantages in a good way. HBII was designed for Blu-Ray. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:48:06
Q:Do you view DVD/Blu-ray extras as a chance to give fans deeper insight into your project, or is it just more work?
A:I am privileged to have Javier Soto as a partner in my ventures and he is as obsessive as I am about this. Check our HELLBOY DVD’s and PAN’S LABYRINTH Blu-Ray for more explorations of both formats. But YES- I think Blu-ray is a blessing to be explored to its limit!!

11/23/2008 19:48:43
Q:Do you believe that all this interactivity supports your movie or distracts the viewer?
A:Well- the interaction is a voluntary act from both consenting parts so, I dont think its a distraction. There are to types of film lover: the one that just wants the movie and the one that wants to know it all. I believe I cater to both (or none if they hate what I do).

11/23/2008 19:49:37
Q:After the first film, what did you do to make the sequel even better than the first? In your opinion?
A:Well, I enjoyed it creatively much more- Shooting was miserable but creatively great. If you think it is better (as do I) then the more fantastic elements and the fulfillment of the promise of a ‘monster movie’ (a Western Kaiju) are amongst the chief reasons.

11/23/2008 19:50:16
Q:Does Mike Mignola have any involvement with you on The Hobbit?
A:I hope and pray he joins us at the design stage for a week or two.

11/23/2008 19:50:44
Q:Who are your top choices to play Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit Movies?
A:Hopefully, very soon we can reveal that-

11/23/2008 19:51:03
Q:What was your initial familiarity with the Hellboy character? Were you a fan before being approached to direct?
A:For years I had followed Mike Mignola’s ascent through the ranks. I was a follower during his ‘World Of Krypton’ years and his DC period in general and loved his Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series (I love the books) and followed him through ‘Gotham by Gaslight’ and the ‘Hellraiser’ stint right into becoming the Mike we all know today. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:51:46
Q:What was your initial familiarity with the Hellboy character? Were you a fan before being approached to direct?
A:And I was not approached to direct- I went after the project like a Fat Mexican Missile of Joy!! I begged, cried and threw myself at it-!!

11/23/2008 19:52:18
Q:What is your favorite creature in Hellboy 2 and what inspired it’s creation?
A:Then Mike Mignola fought me like crazy and asked me to make it a tree monster, more like a Kirby-esque elemental creature. We designed it like that- a shape-shifting tree creature that covered the whole city in plants as it moved around, like a living vine. (cont…)

11/23/2008 19:52:47
Q:What scene took the longest to film and how long was it?
A:I believe the elemental scene took a couple of weeks and was the longest along with the TROLL MARKET and GOLDEN ARMY scene.

11/23/2008 19:53:11
Q:Where do you draw inspiration for all these amazing creatures that are in your movies?
A:I urged everyone to NOT look into other movie monsters or comics and to look into engravings, old illustrations and fine painters of the Fantastique (BOCKLIN, REDON, ROPS, SCHWABE, etc) for inspiration. And then to look in nature (you can find great monsters in the pages of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC) and biology pictures.

11/23/2008 19:54:15
Q:Thanks, Guillermo.
A:Thank y
ou for joining us. Thank you for acquiring hellboy 2 In the blu-ray form which we absolutely adore. So goodbye from new zealand.

11/23/2008 19:54:45
Q:Where can i get a transcript of this?
A:For a complete transcript, go to

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