Guillermo Del Toro’s CRONOS Getting Special Edition Blu-Ray Treatment?!

Shock Till You Drop’s Ryan Rotten caught up with filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro at the HELLBOY 2 DVD release party and the director revealed that CRONOS, one of his earliest efforts will be getting the "special edition" Blu-Ray treatment shortly!

He told Shock, "I believe that very, very, very soon we’re going to be announcing a very special Blu-ray edition of CRONOS. When you know who is doing it and how we’re doing it, it will be more exciting. I cannot announce it properly, but it’s very exciting for me because it’s one of those movies that I think I want to revisit, re-time, restructure the sound for the Blu-ray experience in a big way."

When asked about the supplemental material, it sounds like plans are to incorporate all the features for all the worldwide DVD releases. "We’re going to do, basically, the most exhausting extras that can ever be put together. There are many editions around the world with different extras, but there is no definitive edition."

Read the original post on SHOCK’s site right HERE! You can read Del Toro’s thoughts on SPLICE and HATER at SHOCK’s other article with the director right HERE! More when we hear it!

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