Return To Sleepaway Camp

Okay. So after years of waiting, Return To Sleepaway Camp was finally released on DVD. So was the wait worth it? I would say definitely YES. Being that the movie was pushed back for so long I began to question the turnout, but never dismissed it. Also, usually the few times when sequels have been made for movies that are over 20 years old, they turn out to be botched efforts trying to adjust to modern horror standards and abandoning the qualities that made the original so special. However, with original writer/director Robert Hiltzik, Return To Sleepaway Camp is rooted in 80s horror tradition and stays true to the style of the original. It is sick, perverted, gory and what some would consider morally offensive. What’s not to love? Return To Sleepaway Camp is a direct sequel to the original 1983 classic, disregarding parts 2 and 3. Aside from returning characters being older, the movie seems like it could have come out the year after the original. One notable difference is the amount of comedy in the new Sleepaway Camp. In the original, the kids were just cruel. Now the torment, while still cruel, is done in a way where it’s amusing and sometimes downright hilarious. There are no Judy’s here. No mega bitches you love to hate. Actually, the tormentors I thought were quite likeable. That has a lot to do with the kid on the receiving end of the abuse. Alan is not a likeable character at all. You will not be feeling sorry for him. He is a whiny, annoying, filthy, over dramatic ass and doesn’t garner much sympathy. As a matter of fact, he’s as much a dick as anyone else if not more so, but you’ll still get a kick out of him and his child-like antics. Like the original, the death scenes are a highlight, but there seems to be too few of them. After the second kill there is a long gap with no gore and there were a lot of nasty campers that could have been dispatched. Some of the kills were reminiscent of the earlier movies including Artie’s death from part 1 and Bobby’s from part 3. Another is kind of like a combination of Brooke from part 2 and Peter from part 3. The return of the original characters gives the movie a feeling of home. They have no problem stepping back in the shoes of these characters and making them feel like the same people, but 25 years later. After having one of the best twists ever in motion picture history with the original, it’s to be expected that this movie would try just as hard. It was kind of obvious what would happen, but it still kicked ass. Also, in the tradition of Sleepaway Camp, this one is full of tons of quotable lines. The special features on the dvd are awesome, but I would have loved a commentary. Seriously, who wouldn’t? Yes, it feels good to be back at camp. – neil a

Special Features:
Behind The Scenes
Photo Gallery
Return To Sleepaway Camp Song By Goat And Friends


  1. Are you getting paif by them to write this review? Felissa Rose is a beautiful women who deserves better thsn this tripe. The only way I can see someone writing this review is 1. you were paid or 2. you seriously are the worst reviewer ever.
    This kills your credibility the original was much much better than this film.

  2. Hey Anonymous!
    So brave of you to post your real name.
    We don’t get paid by ANY one. Neil actually liked this movie. Guess what? So did I.
    It’s far from a great movie, but the original isn’t great either. Go back and watch the original & this one back to back and with the exception of the score, they’re essentially the same movie.

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