Yesterday, we brought you a video report from October 2008’s CHILLER THEATER convention in Parsippany, NJ courtesy of our friend/filmmaker Dave Neabore. Today, staffer Phil Fasso offers his written report of the event. Phil and Mike C also submitted plenty of pictures from the weekend’s festivities. So, click HERE to read it! Or on the image below and find exclusive pics with Linda Hamilton (TERMINATOR), Paul Ehlers (MADMAN MARZ), Fabiana Udenio (BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR), Catriona MacColl (THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD), Jim Krut, Ed Asner, David Hedison, Charlotte Kemp, James Lorinz, Carol Spinney, George Kennedy, Leslie Nielsen and Corey Haim.

Make sure you check out the video report by Dave Neabore either at our previous news post HERE or at the CONVENTION REPORT HERE!

  • fred rueckher

    I was wondering if you have a Guest List from the October Chiller.
    Because there is one Scream Queen I’ve seen there since 1997 and I never got her name. Running a photo of her in my site, need her name.
    Thanks. Fred (The Freditor)