Steven Spielberg & Will Smith Remaking OLDBOY?!

Could it be?! Variety is reporting that "Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in early discussions to collaborate on a remake of Chan Wook-Park’s cult classic OLDBOY." The article states that Dreamworks is in the process of securing the remake rights for distribution through Universal.

"In the 2003 Korean original, a man gets kidnapped and held in a shabby cell for 15 years without explanation. Suddenly, he’s released and given money, a cell phone and clothes and is set on a path to discover who destroyed his life so he can take revenge.

Spielberg had been looking for an opportunity to make a film with Smith, who would play the kidnapped man if all the pieces fall into place. Spielberg is looking for a writer to begin the development process."

Of Chan-Wook Park’s “vengeance” trilogy, SYMPATHY FOR MR VENGEANCE is actually my favorite. But the following scene from OLDBOY is one of the greatest fight scenes captured in cinema. I love everything about it. The music, the rawness, one guy fighting well over a dozen. LOVE THIS! Can it be recaptured in an American remake?