To our devoted FRIGHT readers! In the last several weeks, we were lucky enough to host 3 different contests and all 3 have come to a close. So, here are the lucky winners of all 3 of those contests. We just want to THANK you guys for your continued support, devotion and enthusiasm. We were literally overwhelmed by the amount of entries we got for all 3 of these contest! Trust us, there will be plenty more to come!

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN WINNER! (for an autographed poster/book)

– Claudia Tonella from Fremont, CA

MY NAME IS BRUCE WINNERS! (Autographed posters by Bruce Campbell!)

– Michael Vankirk from Bensalem, PA
– Robyn Greer from Austin, TX
– Geoff Weeks from Murray, UT
– Terri Stamper from Dunlow, WV
– Tim Nylander from Elk Grove Village, IL
– Stacey Mathes from Columbia, MO
– Elena DeGarmo from Whittier, CA
– Steven Williams from Troutdale, OR
– Sandra Repar from Hancock, MI
– Kris Horton from Nashville, TN


A pair of tickets for SATURDAY NOVEMBER 15TH goes to:

– Raymond Orttega Jr from Carteret, NJ and
– Juan Reyes Jr from the Bronx, NY

A pair of tickets for SUNDAY NOVEMBER 16TH goes to:

– Samantha Afflick-Smith from New York, NY
– David Guerra from Passiac, NJ

Congrats to all of the people above! PLEASE be patient as all these items go out in the mail. SAWMANIA winners – your tickets for the event are going out TODAY. You should have them by early next week.

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