Original Directing Duo Back For [REC] 2!

Filmax Int’l announced at the American Film Market that [REC] 2 begins shooting on November 10th! The sequel to last years exceptional Spanish horror flick [REC] (which was remade for American audiences as QUARANTINE)  will once again be written and directed by filmmaking duo Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plazo. Considering how much I love the original [REC] and hell, even the short faux trailers these guys have done (check those out HERE!), I’m looking forward to their proper follow-up.

From Filmax Int’l: "Following the recent success of REC, we will be presenting the forthcoming sequel REC 2. The same talented directors stick to the same claustrophobic concept in REC 2, but find new means of transferring fear from the screen to the spectator through the recording lens."

Click the logo below to read our FIRST LOOK at [REC]:

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