Ain’t It Cool News just broke an interesting scoop that we definitely didn’t see coming! Quint just posted an interview with Paul Giamatti, who has been long-rumored to play the part of Col. Parker in the BUBBA HO-TEP sequel. Now, Giamatti confirms that he’s producing the sequel BUBBA NOSFERATU with Don Coscarelli returning to the director’s chair and that a new Elvis may have been found! It’s non other then HELLBOY himself, Ron Perlman!

Giamatti told Ain’t It Cool, "I saw BUBBA HO-TEP when it came out and I used to say in interviews when people asked me which director I wanted to work with I would say "Don Coscarelli." BUBBA HO-TEP is one of my favorite movies. I loved it and then somebody finally showed him some interview in which I said that and he called me up. I told him, "I have a little production company and we can help you guys do this" and he brought me onboard and now we have got Ron Perlman interested in playing Elvis."

Why Perlman? "He’s a great guy. He’s an amazingly great guy and I’ve always loved him as an actor, so when he actually was interested, I couldn’t believe our luck man! I’ve never been so excited about doing something and being able to throw… trying to put my production company in on it, too. I mean I’ve never wanted to do something like this before, but I like this thing so much that I really want to see it get done."


Giamatti also revealed a little bit about what we can expect in BUBBA NOSFERATU. He tells Quint, "I’ll be playing Col. Parker, who… You know part of the great thing about this is not only are these wonderful genre movies, but he’s actually taking a weird, interesting take on the whole Elvis myth and kind of investigating the whole Elvis myth in a really interesting way, so it’s got a lot of stuff about Col. Parker being responsible for a lot of what happened to Elvis and kind of literally making him a vampire in some ways, you know? A kind of a blood sucker… It plays on a lot of things, this movie, in a great way and it’s got Sitting Bull in it and there’s a peyote trip in it that is amazing and it’s just a big leap beyond the other movie. It’s ten times more insane and bizarre and it’s great and hilarious, too. It’s funnier than the other one is even. It still ends up being this great character study of this Elvis guy."

There’s a ton more in the full interview on Ain’t It Cool’s site right HERE!

We had actually just asked Bruce Campbell in our FRIGHT exclusive interview with him this month why he opted out of the sequel to BUBBA HO-TEP and he had the following to say. "Don and I could not agree on an approach and on the story. And the elements I disliked the most, he actually liked the most. So we realized that was a pretty big divide. And we didn’t want to jeopardize a friendship over this. Because, ya know… I don’t want to play that game of keeping him from making it. He can certainly make it. It’s his to do. If he wants to make 10 of these, go baby, go. But for me, I have to know why I’m on that set, and I have to know why I’m there. And I have to enjoy being there."

Read our entire BRUCE CAMPBELL interview right HERE!

More when we hear it!

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