Back in July, we posted a story from the Fangoria Weekend Of Horror convention in NJ about filmmaker Lamberto Bava and his proposed 4-picture MASTERS OF ITALIAN HORROR. (See that original story HERE) Today, FANGORIA checked in with the director and he confirmed several new details about the upcoming exciting series of movies.

"My film is called ROOM 213. It’s all about a crime that has happened under strange circumstances, although it is not very violent. I intend to create tension and suspense with this movie, because I like it when horror is psychological—when it is all in your mind." He continues, "The title of Ruggero Deodato’s episode is NATAS—Satan spelled backwards. His film is very fantastic, very unreal. Sergio Stivaletti is doing an episode called THE BUILDING, which is a mystery-suspense story: ‘What happened in the building?’ And the fourth will be directed by the Manetti Brothers, who are young but very good. This will be based on an H.P. Lovecraft story."

The article states that the production start date is summer of 2009. For more details and quotes from Bava, check FANGORIA’s original article HERE!

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