LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Director Talks Remake!

Icons Of Fright were recently invited to sit down with several other journalists and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Låt den rätte komma in) director Tomas Alfredson for a round table interview. Among one of the many subjects to come up is the recently announced American remake of his classic film.

"I’m not involved at all," he told us. When asked if he was unhappy with the idea of someone else remaking his film for American audiences (when the original has yet to come out theatrically), he told us, "It gives you some sort of feelings of jealousy, of course. I have been dancing with this material for 3 years, and now somebody else is doing it. But, you have to put that aside and just wait and see what they come up with. And maybe they’ll find other things in that book that could be interesting. It would be very sad if they made a copy of this."

Once such thing that was excised from the novel for the movie adaptation was the nature of the relationship between Eli and her "blood supplier" Håkan. "We had to make some big choices of things we had to cut out", he tells ICONS. "The biggest thing that we left out that the character Håkan, the older “blood” supplier for Eli, he was an outspoken pedophile in the novel. So that really gave another tone to the whole thing. That’s too often used as say… an emotional special effect, without taking responsibility for what that really is. It’s a really complicated thing to debate on screen, I think. So that would’ve disturbed the story a lot to have that."

I asked Tomas if he’d be receptive if the producers of the remake or director Matt Reeves approached him for his thoughts or advice. He simply answered, "No."

Look for our entire round table interview with Tomas Alfredson later this week!

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