Bruce Campbell Discusses The Future Of THE EVIL DEAD Franchise!

If you want to immediately get ripped in front of a live audience by actor Bruce Campbell, just try asking him, "Are you going to make an EVIL DEAD 4?" and see what happens! We went out of our way to avoid that question when we spoke to him last week, but… he brought it up himself!

"Here’s a quick run down of all the EVIL DEAD stuff, because I know it keeps coming back, like a bad check", Bruce tells us. "When Sam is ready to do it, we’ll all just check our schedules. He got involved in this massive (SPIDER-MAN) franchise and it seems like its still continuing. So who knows? Who knows when the hell anyone will be able to get into another EVIL DEAD. But I think we both desire to do it. It’s just really scheduling more then anything."

Well, what about the much-talked about remake version? "As far as a remake goes, there’s nothing for me in the remake, so I wouldn’t really be involved other then being a producer, because… what am I? The old guy at the bait shop? “Hey kids! You be careful! That place is haunted!” “Oh shut up, old man!” Ya know? And they drive off into the woods."

It was recently announced that the producers of EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL were looking into making a feature-version of their classic stage show (and in 3D!) pending they can resolve rights issues. Campbell is fairly confident that we’ll see EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL on the big screen. "We didn’t discourage it. They were pursuing to do that… I think it’s an issue of… Look, if there was already a play of it, as long as you just kind of document it and you could show that in movie theaters as a midnight thing, then it’s its own beast. Because it’s already so different. I don’t think there will be any issues, but we’ll see what happens."

And speaking of EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL, Bruce couldn’t help but give props to Ryan Ward, the actor that portrays Ash in the original Toronto show (and in last years New York performances). "He’s terrific, and that kid has worked harder then I ever did on the original movies," laughs Campbell. "Because he’s got to go through the whole experience every freakin’ night. And sometimes even matinees! He’s got the hardest gig in show business! He’s done a really, really good job and he’s a sweet kid, and I hope he goes far. Now the gag is in his life. People will go up to him and be like, “Oh, you played Ash!”"

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