THE STRANGERS on DVD October 21st; Release Specs and Special Feature Info

The Strangers, Bryan Bertino’s directorial debut, starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman took on the Sex and the City gals at the box-office this summer and nearly won. Now, Universal Pictures is readying the October 21st DVD release and we’ve got some info on what’s on the disc.
Both the Blu-Ray and standard DVD release will contain both the theatrical and unrated cut of the movie. Additionally the the Blu-Ray and DVD release will include 2 bonus features:
1. Deleted Scenes
2. The Elements of Fear: A featurette taking a look at the production process of The Strangers. The influence of locations, sets and sounds to create fear are discussed by the crew, with anecdotes from Liv Tyler about the physical challenges of being terrorized.
The Blu-Ray disc will also contain the additional “BD-Live” features, which allows you create your own clips from the movie, and share them with your friends.
And to celebrate Universal’s giving you the change to make your own photos a little stranger by adding “The Strangers”.
So try terrifying your friends. Put the strangers in your photos at!


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