Anchor Bay Entertainment has set December 30th as the release date for a brand new Special Edition release of HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2! Below is the official press release and a look at the DVD cover art! This December, ring in the holidays with Pinhead!

Anchor Bay Entertainment “has such things to show you …”

HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II – 20th Anniversary Edition DVD

BURBANK , CA — Released the week of Christmas in 1988 – which aroused some controversy among more genteel moviegoers — Hellbound: Hellraiser II was that rare sequel that was considered to be superior to the original film. It was hailed by many Hellraiser fans as bigger and better, and its success undoubtedly paved the way for a legendary horror franchise that now includes a total of 8 feature films, with a proposed remake on tap for 2009.

On December 30th, Anchor Bay Entertainment, the industry leader in horror home entertainment, will re-release this unforgettable horror classic on its 20th anniversary, and in grand (guignol) style with the Hellbound: Hellraiser II 20th Anniversary Edition. A true “shocking stuffer” for the holiday season, this eye-popping, head-rolling special edition comes complete with a wide variety of DVD extras and special features that will make any horror fan scream with glee. SRP is $19.97.

The initial run of this highly-anticipated special-edition DVD will include an official reproduction of the film’s original theatrical poster, and a phenomenally fearful selection of DVD extras including three brand new featurettes detailing the making of this horror classic: “The Soul Patrol,” which features all-new interviews with the film’s terrifying trio of Cenobites (Simon Bamford, Nicholas Vince and Barbie Wilde); “Outside the Box,” an exclusive in-depth interview with director Tony Randel about his early career and how Hellbound: Hellraiser II shaped his creative future; and “The Doctor Is In,” an all-new interview with internationally acclaimed actor Kenneth Cranham on his experiences playing the devious and diabolical Dr. Channard.

Another featurette, “Lost in the Labyrinth,” was produced by Clive Barker himself, the mastermind behind Hellraiser who served as the story writer and executive producer of Hellbound: Hellraiser II. In addition, there are vintage on-set interviews with the cast, crew and Barker, and an exclusive audio commentary featuring director Anthony Randel, screenwriter Peter Atkins and legendary “scream queen” Ashley Laurence.

Set shortly after the dire events depicted in Hellraiser, the film follows Kirsty Cotton (Laurence; Lightning Bug, Lurking Fear) as she is sent to a psychiatric hospital run by the mysterious Dr. Channard (Kenneth Cranham; Gangster No. 1, Hot Fuzz, HBO’s “Rome”).

Kirsty continually experiences hellish visions of her stepmother Julia (Tony Award nominee Clare Higgins; Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, The Golden Compass) and her uncle Frank (Sean Chapman; Gangster No. 1, A Mighty Heart), both of whom met with violent fates at the hands of the Cenobites and their leader, Pinhead (Doug Bradley; Nightbreed, the entire Hellraiser canon). Unbeknownst to Kirsty, however, Dr. Channard is himself a devotee of the black arts, and that he will once again unleash the deadly Cenobites upon an unsuspecting world.

The horrors of Hellraiser have only just begun!

In addition to the encore performances of Bradley, Laurence, Higgins and Chapman, all of whom appeared in the first film, Hellbound: Hellraiser II also stars William Hope (ALIENS, Shining Through, XXX) and Imogen Boorman (Dreamchild, British TV’s long-running “Coronation Street”).

The film received a Saturn Award for Christopher Young’s score and nominations for Best Horror Film and Best Supporting Actress (Higgins). The film also received a nomination for the International Fantasy Film Award from the prestigious Fantasporto Festival.

Variety called Hellbound: Hellraiser II “a campy, gore-soaked horror tale with technically first-rate effects … a maggoty carnival of mayhem, mutation and dismemberment.” “There are enough bizarre and shocking effects here to satisfy all but the most demanding genre fans,” added Richard Harrington of The Washington Post.

Bonus features:

– Audio commentary with director Tony Randel, screenwriter Peter Atkins and actor Ashley Laurence
– Theatrical Trailers (4) and TV Spots (2)
– “The Soul Patrol” featurette – NEW interviews with Cenobite actors
– “Outside the Box” featurette – NEW interview with director Tony Randel
– “The Doctor is In” featurette – NEW interview with Kenneth Cranham
– “Under the Skin” featurette — Doug Bradley on Hellbound: Hellraiser II
– “Lost in the Labyrinth” featurette
– On-set interview with Clive Barker
– On-set interviews with cast and crew
– Poster and stills gallery

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