Eric Red Adapting Jack Ketchum’s OFF SEASON!

It seems plenty of Jack Ketchum’s material is finally being adapted into feature films! There’s Chris Sivertson’s THE LOST, as well as last year’s THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. RED is just about to hit DVD shelves, and it was recently announced that Andrew Van Den Houten would be directing OFFSPRING. Now, following a screening of 100 FEET at this year’s Screamfest in Hollywood, Eric Red revealed that he’ll be directing OFF SEASON.

Red told Shock Till You Drop, "Dallas [Jack Ketchum] and I have known each other for years and we’ve been talking about making this one. It’s time, it’s the perfect time to do it." Ketchum’s OFF SEASON was originally published in 1981 and loosely inspired by the story of Sawney Bean (the basis of THE HILLS HAVE EYES and DEATH LINE aka RAW MEAT). Eric Red explained his take to Shock: "A great horror movie is a group of people trapped in an isolated setting against a monster. The difference with this is that it’s going to be 100% convincing and hardcore and extreme. You couldn’t have made the film ten years ago, but now I think you can take this as far as you can go. But we’re going to stay very true to the book: Low-key, small, very shocking."

Red, the writer of such noted genre fare as NEAR DARK and THE HITCHER is also attached to direct NIGHTLIFE, a vampire story he scripted.

Read our interview with ERIC RED by clicking the frame below!

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