One of the 8 Films to Die for, Dark Ride takes an old school approach to the "carnival horror" and throws in some amazing kill scenes! In the first five minutes of the film you get to see something that’s unusual even for a horror flick… two kids getting disemboweled! So right off the bat you know the rest of the movie should be pretty satisfying! However, I don’t think that the film will be winning any awards for script or storyline but all in all it’s entertaining enough to throw on for the evening and keep you interested.

A recently broken up young couple Steve and Cathy, played by Sopranos Jamie-Lynn Sigler and their college roommates Liz, Jim and Bill decide to take their spring vacation in New Orleans. On the way down south, in their 70’s style van they stumble upon a flyer at a gas station announcing that a once popular carnival ride (The Dark Ride), that has been closed for almost twenty years is once again opening it’s doors. Offering thrills and chills to any and all that might be seeking some excitement. After picking up a young and attractive hitchhiker Jen, played by Andrea Bogart, the girl offers her new friends some mushrooms and the group heads to the Dark Ride to stay the night and party. After arriving and telling old tales of the rides rumored past, the group begins to explore the ride only to get murdered viciously one after the other by a masked psychopath.

The special effects in the film are great! You are totally taken back to when "haunted rides" were really terrifying! The deaths are painful and unforgiving and the killer is VERY convincing. Also the ending has an interesting twist that pulls the whole story together. It reminds me of the kind of horror I used to look for on VHS back in the day, but with some new and creative macabre.

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes- Just extended from what’s actually cut into the film, these scenes you can check out to get more of each characters story but if you skip’em you won’t be missing out on much.

The Making of- This feature was cool because you get a real feel for the cast. This was a first as far as horror for every actor in the film and listening to them discuss the experience only makes your support for up-and-comers, both actors and production team more appreciative.

Plus they throw in several trailers for other "Films to Die for" as well as various Lionsgate films that you can look into. This company has a lot to offer to the horror fan!

-Beth Puttkammer

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