Just added! A FRIGHT exclusive interview with director ZACH PASSERO! WICKED LAKE hits DVD shelves TODAY and ICONS got the chance to speak with director ZACH PASSERO! Zach has a history in animation and worked with Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson on their first feature length film ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE. He’s done videos with Al Jourgensen’s REVOLTING COCKS project, as well as tour visuals for his main band MINISTRY. We chatted with him about all of the above, as well as the making of WICKED LAKE, written by Chris Sivertson (THE LOST) and Adam Rockoff (GOING TO PIECE: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SLASHER FILM) and starring Marc Senter, Robin Sydney (THE LOST), Will Keenan (TROMEO & JULIET), Justin Stone, Tim Thomerson (TRANCERS) and Angela Bettis (MAY). MINSTRY’s Al Jourgensen composed original music for the film and cameos in it as well. Read on for our FRIGHT exclusive interview with Zach Passero by clicking the frame of image below!

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