Vintage Videos From The WRONG TURN 2 NY Premiere!

In honor of the 5 FRIGHTFEST short-films that Joe Lynch and Adam Green put together and posted on-line this past month, we’ve decided to share with you 2 rarely seen videos. About a year ago, a few days prior to the release of WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END, Fox had scheduled for 2 theatrical screenings of WRONG TURN 2 on the big screen. One was set for New York, while the other one was set for LA. Unfortunately, both screenings were set for the exact same evening, and director Joe Lynch couldn’t make it back to his native New York to see the flick with his family. (Long Island, represent!)

The ICONS crew had prepared in advance to make something a little special from the screening for Joe. Adam Barnick brought his camera and planned to film audience reactions and thoughts following the screening with Joe’s family, friends and fans. Much to our surprise, Joe himself has surprised us with a special video introduction that started the entire evening off, mentioning and thanked the ICONS crew. So below are those 2 videos. The first being Joe’s video introduction to the NY premiere of WRONG TURN 2 (note: it played at the Two Boots which is part pizza-place), and the second being ICONS video to Joe from the premiere. ENJOY!

Wrong Turn 2 – The Two Boots NYC Premiere Intro:

Wrong Turn 2 Fangoria premiere in New York City:

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