[REC] Directors Show Off Faux Trailers For DAMNED FRIDAY & THE EXORCIST 5!

The directing duo behind one of my favorite horror films this year, the Spanish flick [REC] (just remade for America as QUARANTINE) have put together a few fake trailers for a website called Teaserland.com. More accurately, it’s a site for a film festival put on by Sitges organizer Xavi Bru where filmmakers are are encouraged to create fictional trailers for movies they’d like to see. [REC] co-director Paco Plaza just posted a teaser for MALDITO VIERNES (DAMNED FRIDAY). (Translation of the voice over:: "Vampires don`t exist…everyone knows that. Nothing unusual happened last night…just a regular Friday night, like any other. I didn´t run into anyone, no one attacked me. Nothing unusual happened. Vampires don´t exist…everyone knows that.")

Just underneath that at the Teaserland webpage, you’ll also see [REC] co-director Jaume Balagueró’s teaser trailer for THE EXORCIST 5. Quite frankly, after experiencing [REC], these directors have incredible style and unique sensibilities for the genre. Let’s hope it’s not too long before their next feature length film. (Which is supposedly a sequel to [REC])

Head on over to Teaserland.com and check out the trailers for yourself.

(*Note: I personally had trouble getting them to play in Firefox. However, they played fine in Internet Explorer.)

Click the logo below to read our FIRST LOOK at [REC]:

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