Director Found For 28 MONTHS LATER?

Apparently there’s talk of a sequel to 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER called (wait for it…) 28 MONTHS LATER. This is somewhat surprising considering 28 WEEKS LATER didn’t do so well at the US box office, but perhaps it fared better overseas? Regardless, I loved the sequel and would be curious to see another follow-up, especially if this rumored director is attached. Arrow In The Head overheard that Paul Andrew Williams, director of THE COTTAGE (starring frequent Peter Jackson actor Andy Serkis) is in talks to helm the 2nd sequel. No more details besides that, which you can find at Arrow’s site HERE! THE COTTAGE was actually a pretty cool little horror film with a dash of black comedy. Check it out if you get a chance. More when we hear it!

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