George Romero’s… ISLAND OF THE DEAD?

A few days back, rumor had it that George A. Romero had started shooting a new zombie movie that was not a sequel to this year’s DIARY OF THE DEAD. Now, Variety confirms this news with a plot synopsis to the as-yet-to-be-titled new Romero movie that’s tentatively going by the name ISLAND OF THE DEAD. (Hey, I dig that.)

According to Variety’s article, the "Plot involves inhabitants of an isolated island off the North American coast who find their relatives rising from the dead to eat their kin. The leaders of the island feud over whether or not to kill their reanimated relatives or preserve them in hopes of finding a cure. The cast includes Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh (TWIN PEAKS), Kathleen Munroe, Devon Bostick (SAW IV), Richard Fitzpatrick, Stefano Colacitti and Athena Karkanis (SAW IV)."

Meanwhile, Aint It Cool has a few "spy" photos from the production which you can check out HERE!


Don’t forget to check out Tim Sullivan’s vintage interview with George Romero (AND Greg Nicotero) for LAND OF THE DEAD in SHOCK N ROLL ISSUE 3: THIS LAND WAS BLED FOR YOU & ME! (Click the image below!)

More when we hear it!


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