It’s officially October 2008! And today marks the release of George A. Romero’s LAND OF THE DEAD on Blu-Ray! The flick marked his return to the "zombie" genre which he created back 1968 with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. In celebration of this release, ICONS and Tim Sullivan have decided to reprint 2 vintage interviews with George A. Romero and Greg Nicotero from SHOCK N ROLL when it was a feature on Upcoming Horror These are among 2 of my personal fave interviews that Tim conducted for LAND’s release back in 2005. So sit back and enjoy a candid chat with both Romero and Nicotero about LAND OF THE DEAD! ICONS OF FRIGHT and Tim Sullivan’s SHOCK N ROLL present ISSUE 3: THIS LAND WAS BLED FOR YOU & ME! (Click the frame to read it!) -Robg. (10/1/08)

Tim’s original intro from 2005: Move aside George Lucas, another George is in town. This George’s name is Romero and yeah, you might have written a little space opera called STAR WARS, and yeah, you might have made a bit of a cultural impact in the land of sci-fi, but hell, in the land of horror, this guy made the modern landscape what it is today! A land of rip-offs and parodies and remakes and sequels and sequels to remakes and even sequels to sequels of remakes (got that?), and it all started in Pittsburgh 40 years ago with a bunch of chocolate syrup and leftover goodies from the local butcher shop and a certain little line of dialogue…

“They’re coming to get you, Barbara…”

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. No matter how freaking old you are now or when you first heard that immortal line, whether it was a Drive-in in the 60’s, a revival house in the 70’s, a rented video in the 80’s or a netflick last week, that line is to horror freaks what “Luke, I am your father” is to sci-fi geeks. But NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD has a full ten years on the STAR WARS legacy, and one would be hard pressed to think of another genre series that has lasted this long, let alone bringing forth a new chapter in all but one decade since its first entry. (Ah, one wonders what a 90’s George Romero LIVING DEAD movie would have been like. Think of it, a mid 90’s Clinton-era zombie parable, sandwiched between the alternative grunge of the early 90’s and the boy band pop of the later 90’s).

This summer is Nirvana. Not only have we finally seen Anarkin become Darth, but we are finally seeing the maestro play comeback kid on the long side of 60, showing all his moviemaking protégés how the mentor does it. The grandfather of the modern horror film is back kiddies, and Grandpa can shock and roll with the best of them, maybe even better than us all. Pay attention, cuz this is how it is done. With thoughtfulness and storytelling and craft and characterization. Oh, yeah, and did I mention blood and guts and chopped off hands and stomped heads and imploding entrails? This is George Romero supersized. Widescreen for the first time, a bigger budget than previous zombie efforts, but with his independent spirit and unique flavor intact and as potent as ever.

Along for the ride with Grandpa Zombie is one of his ‘grandkids”, make-up impresario Greg Nicotero, a fanboy FX assistant 20 years ago on DAY OF THE DEAD, now, with partner Howard Berger of KNB, in charge of the entire special make-up effects army so integral to Romero’s world. Greg is proof in the pudding that one can go from apprentice to colleague, so aim high, zombie kids. Here now, is a double feature for y’all, straight up from the LAND OF THE DEAD. After all these years, “They’re STILL coming to get you…”

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