I just had the pleasure of seeing Tomas Alfredson’s beautiful, beautiful movie LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. (Which has already been tapped for an American remake from CLOVERFIELD director Matt Reeves.) Now, IGN informed us that they’ve got the US trailer for the Swedish flick. You can watch it below:

I love, love, love this movie. It’s about a shy young boy named Oskar who constantly gets picked on by the kids at school. Then he meets his new next door neighbor Eli. As their relationship blossoms, she begins to teach him how to be confident and stand up for himself. Of course, Oskar then starts to realize that his new girlfriend very well may be a vampire. This is one you have to see if you just appreciate good movies! My FIRST LOOK review will be up later this week. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN opens in limited theatrical release on October 24th courtesy of Magnolia’s MAGNET division.

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