TWILIGHT Actor Cast In Clive Barker’s DREAD!

Jackson Rathbone has been cast in the upcoming Clive Barker adaptation of DREAD, based on the short story from his legendary BOOKS OF BLOOD. (It’s a real sicko tale too!) Anthony DiBlasi is writing and directing DREAD, which "tells the story of Quaid, a student of philosophy, who is obsessed by his own nightmare of an ax-murdering clown so he concocts a series of experiments to observe firsthand how other people react to the things that most horrify them. But while Quaid slowly unpeels the psyches of his imprisoned and tortured captives like a reeking onion, his own dread waits, just beyond his control." Rathbone (who plays Jasper in TWILIGHT and also appears in the upcoming S. DARKO) will be playing the role of Stephen Grace in DREAD. Shooting begins this October for a release sometime next year.

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