Just added! ISSUE 2 of Tim Sullivan’s SHOCK N ROLL column, "MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS"! In this issue, Tim chats extensively with Tom Holland, the writer/director of FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD’S PLAY, THINNER, THE LANGOLIERS, 5 OR DIE, writer on PSYCHO 2, THE BEAST WITHIN, CLOAK & DAGGER & more! The article covers all grounds! Read Tim’s introduction below and head over to the full on interview by clicking the frame and image below!

Gun to my head, it would be FRIGHT NIGHT. Yup. Freddy truly scared me. Pinhead freaked me out. Jason and the Living Dead’s Return were bloody good fun. But with finger to the trigger forced to choose my favorite 80’s horror show, without hesitation my answer would be FRIGHT NIGHT. Could anything be cooler? Well, maybe Charley Brewster, but I wouldn’t want to wrestle Evil Ed over that one. Or maybe I would…

In an era where androgyny and style ruled the radio and the MTV, writer/director Tom Holland dished up Jerry Dandrige, perhaps the smoothest, sexiest vampire to ever stalk the crimson screen. To a young horror fan still in the coffin circa 1985, Dandrige’s invitation to Evil Ed was a no-brainer; I would have gladly let him wrap his turquoised leather coat around me and forever joined his army of the night.

This past week, 23 years later, I finally got the chance. For real. You see FRIGHT NIGHT, along with its creator, is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. After a decade in the shadows, Tom Holland has returned to take his rightful place at the Masters of Horror table. PSYCHO II and CHILD’S PLAY alone would be enough to earn Holland that seat, yet add to that the valentine to 60’s/70’s horror with it’s 80’s time capsule picture frame that is FRIGHT NIGHT, and you’ve got a guy who should be as much a horror household name as Craven, Carpenter and Cronenberg. But out of sight, out of mind as they say, and for awhile there, Tom was not around. But the vampire has moved in next door again, thank God. And with a vengeance. WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM, his standout episode of MASTERS OF HORROR has just been released as part of a killer "skull" set from Anchor Bay. CHILD’S PLAY has been re-released in a 20th anniversary birthday edition. And FRIGHT NIGHT has taken its show on the road. Beginning with a reunion convention panel in Dallas, March of this year, the "rebirth" truly culminated the week of September 15th here in LA – a week that will forever be burned in my memory as FRIGHT NIGHT WEEK- or- the week I got to sit in close quarters with Jerry Dandrige, Charley Brewster, Evil Ed and Billy Cole. Bite me now, please. With a sold out Midnight screening at the Nuart Theater serving as the anchor, FRIGHT NIGHT’s cast and crew got back together to celebrate this film with the fans that have made it a Horror Hall of fame classic. The love for the film kept flowing like blood from a bat bite- websites and webmasters crossed party lines and joined together in unanimous articles and interviews of praise and reminiscence, talkbacks and emails exploded on the web with unique and personal stories yet all with the same prevailing theme – FRIGHT NIGHT is a true classic, an underrated classic, and a seminal, inspirational monster movie that cannot be forgotten by those on whom its been imprinted.

As a ‘thank you" to FRIGHT NIGHT aficionados (and an "F you" to studio decision makers who have not given the film the proper home video presentation it deserves), Tom Holland and company gathered for not one, but TWO exclusive audio commentaries (three if you include one he did for CHILD’S PLAY) that will be made available as free audio downloads here at Icons of Fright. Pirate commentaries we call ’em, with everything you ever wanted to know from the people you wanted to hear it from. Tom Holland. Chris Sarandon. William Ragsdale. Stephen Geoffreys. Jonathan Stark. FX artist Randall Cook. Just press play and geek out.

When I first saw FRIGHT NIGHT, it rocked my world. And if you told me that one day I would be breaking bread with the folks behind the scenes, part of a car pool driving to a secret location to do an after hours commentary, then hosting a midnight screening that lasted till 5 in the morning highlighted by Stephen Geoffreys doing his best Evil Ed lines, I would have said, "Sure. And one day I’m gonna produce the KISS movie or remake a H.G. Lewis flick." But dreams do come true. "You gotta have faith, Peter Vincent." Right? Hell, yeah. So to all the faithful, enjoy this celebration. Sit down with me and Tom as we discuss FRIGHT NIGHT and all things Holland that go bump in the dark. And if you are really, really lucky and keep that faith (and write lots of emails and blogs to those in charge!), FRIGHT NIGHT just might return to a midnight screening near you- cast, crew and coffins included. -Tim Sullivan (9/1/08)

Click HERE or the image below for the full interview!

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