COTTONMOUTH TV Goes Live October 1st! Full Press Release & Images!

On October 31st, filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano will be premiering his latest short film COTTONMOUTH (based on the Steve Bissette strip that appeared in the pages of GORE SHRIEK comics!) on-line via the COTTONMOUTH.TV website. But judging from this just released teaser trailer and press release, Garetano has something a lot cooler planned for this upcoming Halloween! In celebration of the season, starting October 1st, the site will start featuring various vignettes, featurettes, true ghost stories, make-up FX lessons, specials on horror comic books and more! Sounds like we’ll be celebrating Halloween all month long on COTTONMOUTH.TV! Check out the trailer, press release and exclusive photos below for a taste!



Vengeful ghouls from beyond the grave… Special effects make-up… True ghost stories… A horror movie premiere…


One place where you can find all of these things and more is COTTONMOUTH.TV. 


Created by Christopher P. Garetano (Horror Business), COTTONMOUTH.TV is a celebration of horror movies, comic books and Halloween.  The forthcoming website was initially conceived as a unique venue to premiere the short film of the same name.  Directed by Garetano, Cottonmouth is a meticulously crafted mini-movie that aims to scare the hell out of its audience.


In 1986 artist Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing, Taboo) crafted a three-page horror story that was published in the pages of an underground horror comic titled Gore Shriek.  Cottonmouth is his macabre story of four angry ghosts who take their revenge on the “company man” who was responsible for their deaths.  Now filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano has brought Cottonmouth to life for the Internet generation.


On October 1, 2008, COTTONMOUTH.TV will go live, first with a variety of short vignettes, and then with Cottonmouth the movie premiering on October 31st.  The vignettes will include behind-the-scenes footage of Cottonmouth, “How to Make a Monster” with Wicked Effects makeup artist Jay Alvino, the eerie music of Chris Alexander, a history of horror comics with Steve Bissette and Trevor Cook, true ghost stories, and a special Halloween episode of the Internet show America’s Bad Kids.


Cottonmouth merchandise will also be available from the site but the movie and other viewing content is all free.  Visitors are encouraged (but not obligated) to donate to one of two charities that include a prominent cancer research foundation and an organization for a rare disease called Penthigus.


Further information regarding the charities will be available on Cottonmouth.TV in the “treats” section.


For more information log onto COTTONMOUTH.TV on or after October 1, 2008.





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