William Lustig Talks MANIAC COP 4! And MANIAC Remake?!

Last month, we reported that William Lustig and Larry Cohen were planning another MANIAC COP film. (News post HERE!) Now, FANGORIA caught up with the filmmaker and gave a status update on MANIAC COP 4! "We’re going to reinvent the series with MANIAC COP 4,” Lustig told FANGO. “We want to start fresh. We replowed the field already." He also confirmed that actor Robert Z’Dar would in fact be reprising the role of Matt Cordell aka the "maniac cop".

Also of note is the fact that his other seminal horror flick MANIAC might be in line for the remake treatment. "The MANIAC remake keeps threatening to happen, I’ve been talking [with various parties] for nine months to untangle the rights. I think it will happen." The original 1981 slasher cult-classic starred Joe Spinell (THE GODFATHER) in the title role, and Lustig believes it’ll be tough to find someone to replace him. "I can’t imagine anyone else in that role."

Read FANGO’s original post HERE! Don’t forget to check out our report from the MANIAC screening from last month here in NY! Click the logo below!

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