ALIENS VS PREDATOR Franchise Done? But PREDATOR 3 Possible? recently chatted with producer John Davis and in the interview, Davis essentially declared the ALIENS VS PREDATOR franchise dead. He says, "I think we’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two AVP movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator." Oh my… As a fan, I’d like to think they could’ve done a hell of a lot better then those 2 movies.

But I’m optimistic with the idea of another solo PREDATOR movie! Especially if it means the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger like implied in the following quote. "Well, the Governor has mentioned to me that when he ceases to be Governor, if he doesn’t run for the Senate and all of that stuff, he’d like to do a movie or two again. And I don’t know, maybe we could restart the Predator franchise. Well we’d have to come up with a really good script and a really great angle on it, but Predator was the first movie I was ever involved with, so it’s always going to have a really soft spot in my heart."

How ’bout you guys call Robert Rodriguez up? I hear he’s got an epic script for PREDATOR 3 that’s been floating around for years!

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