Tony Todd Talks CANDYMAN Remake!

Several weeks back, we posted a report that Sony has started mulling over ideas for relaunching the CANDYMAN franchise by going back to the source material, Clive Barker’s story THE FORBIDDEN. (The original was directed by Bernard Rose and starred Virginia Madsen, Xander Berkeley, Kasi Lemmons and Tony Todd in the title role.) Of note was the possibility that Sony might make Candyman "Caucasian" for the update. Ryan Rotten over at Shock Till You Drop got a chance to speak with Tony Todd who genre fans would unanimously agree has made the role of Candyman his own.

In regards to a "white Candyman", Todd tells SHOCK, "When I first heard it…like everyone has said, it’s ridiculous. The whole point is that he was a former slave and it’s an interracial love story. But they own the property and they’re entitled to do what they want." In all fairness, the original Barker story never delved into Candyman’s race, nor his backstory or where he came from.

Todd tells Shock that it wasn’t too long ago that another sequel was being considered. "Just two years ago I was in a meeting with them talking about going forward. Some of my agents feel [the remake news] could be a move to see how much interest there is out there for it. Maybe we could put our heads together and do something modern…"

Regardless, Todd would be willing to don Candyman’s infamous hook one last time if the script were right. "If they do it, I’m willing to do one more as a final payoff or good-bye. I wouldn’t just phone it in, I’d want to commit to it. I could live forever with the thought of what we did with the first two Candyman films just fine."

For more from Todd, read the complete interview on SHOCK’s site HERE!

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  1. I can’t imagine anyone but Tony Todd playing Candyman. If they decide to remake it and use anyone else I will not see it. Tony is the BEST Candyman!!! Love you Tony!

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