Malachai In The CHILDREN OF THE CORN Remake Has Been Cast!

Shock Till You Drop is reporting that actor Daniel Newman (Cirque du Freak) has been cast in the role of Malachai (originated by Courtney Gaines) in the new CHILDREN OF THE CORN redux, now lensing. Anchor Bay Entertainment/Starz is behind the project which will debut on the Sci-Fi channel. Donald Borchers, producer on the original is writing and directing the remake. Also in the cast is David Anders (Takezo Kensei / Adam Monroe from Season 2 of TV’s HEROES) and Kandyse McClure (TV’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, REAPER). The original CHILDREN OF THE CORN, based on the novelette by Stephen King hit theaters in 1984 and starred Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton and went on to spawn 6 sequels! More on the new film when we hear it!

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