Press Release & Cover Art For Stuart Gordon’s STUCK! On DVD October 14th!

Director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond) delivers what Variety dubbed an “ingeniously nasty and often shockingly funny” film when Image Entertainment debuts STUCK on DVD and Blu-ray™ October 14. Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Academy Award® nominee Stephen Rea (Best Actor, The Crying Game, 1993), and Russell Hornsby (Meet the Parents, Big Fat Liar) star in the darkly humorous psychological thriller about a young woman who commits a hit-and-run, then finds her fate tied to her victim.

The extensive bonus features on the two-disc STUCK Blockbuster Exclusive DVD include audio commentary from Director Stuart Gordon, Writer John Strysik and Mena Suvari. Also included are three featurettes: Chante’s Inferno, a behind-the-scenes featurette with actual news footage of the incident the film is based on; The Gory Details which highlights the impressive special effects and make-up from the film; and Driving Forces, a video interview with Gordon and Strysik. The STUCK Blu-ray disc will include all the bonus material from the two-disc Blockbuster Exclusive DVD and will be available at all retail outlets, which will also offer single disc DVD version with the trailer as an added bonus.

The internationally-acclaimed STUCK, which won the Silver Raven at the 2008 Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film and the Staff Prize at the 2008 San Francisco Indiefest, will be available on DVD for $27.98 SRP and Blu-ray™ for $35.98 SRP.

SYNOPSIS: Brandi (Suvari), a hard-partying, overworked nursing assistant, accidentally steers her car into a homeless man (Rea), sending him flying through the windshield. Not wanting to jeopardize a possible job promotion, she chooses not to get him medical help, leaving him clinging to life in her garage. But soon her psyche begins to unravel as captor and captive are pitted against each other in a bloody…even outrageous battle for survival.

STUCK was directed by Stuart Gordon based on his own story and a screenplay by John Strysik (Deathbed). The film was executive produced by Christian Arnold-Beutel, Sam Grana, John F.S. Laing, and Tim McGrath; associate produced by Julie G. Moldo and Zenon Yunko; and produced by Jay Firestone, Ken Gord and Robert Katz.


– Audio Commentary Featuring Director Stuart Gordon, Writer John Strysik and Actress Mena Suvari
– Chante’s Inferno
– The Gory Details
– Driving Forces
– Theatrical Trailer

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