Just added! A FRIGHT exclusive interview with THE WIZARD OF GORE director JEREMY KASTEN! This month, ICONS got the chance to speak with director Jeremy Kasten (THE ATTIC EXPEDITIONS, THE THIRST, ALL SOULS DAY) about his latest film THE WIZARD OF GORE, based upon the cult-classic 1970 Herschell Gordon Lewis movie of the same name. Jeremy’s updated version boasts an impressive cast lead by Crispin Glover (in the role of Montag The Magnificent, reminiscent to Crispin’s own stage performances), Kip Pardue, Bijou Phillips (HOSTEL: PART II, IT’S ALIVE), Joshua Miller (NEAR DARK, RIVER’S EDGE), Brad Dourif (Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN) and Jeffrey Combs (RE-ANIMATOR). On the basis of the beautiful bloody opening 5 minute scene of WIZARD OF GORE, which plays out to THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION song "The Old Kind Of Summer", we immediately knew that we had to talk to Jeremy. Click HERE or on the frame below for one of our all-time favorite ICONS chats!

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