William Lustig Bringing Back MANIAC COP!

"It must be visiting hours, ’cause my friend is back!"

FANGORIA is reporting that at the recent Anthology Film Archives screening of the first two MANIAC COP films, director William Lustig revealed his intentions to make a new MANIAC COP movie! Lustig directed all 3 MANIAC COP films as a collaboration with screenwriter Larry Cohen (IT’S ALIVE) and both are very much involved in the series resurrection. "Larry and I have gotten the sequel rights back for MANIAC COP, and we’re preparing to do a MANIAC COP 4. I don’t have any more details other than that; this all happened within the last month, so it’s so fresh… When I get back to Los Angeles, Larry and I are going to sit down and work on something."

I love the first 2 MANIAC COP films. (3rd one’s OK, but Lustig often admits to producer’s interference) So, count us excited for the return of the MANIAC COP! (Question is… will Robert Z’Dar return too?) More when we hear it!

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