Danny Elfman Scoring THE WOLF MAN!

Aint It Cool News has announced that Danny Elfman (frequent composer on Tim Burton’s films and former front-man of OINGO BOINGO) will be scoring Universal’s upcoming remake of THE WOLF MAN! (Read the entire article HERE!) Here’s hoping that Elfman will provide THE WOLF MAN with a fantastic, unique and memorable score! The new update of the classic Universal monster is being helmed by director Joe Johnston from a script by Andrew Kevin Walker (SE7EN) & David Self and stars Benicio Del Toro (SIN CITY), Anthony Hopkins (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), Emily Blunt (WIND CHILL) & Hugo Weaving (V FOR VENDETTA). It opens April 3rd, 2009! Visit the official website at: http://www.thewolfmanmovie.com




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