First Word From Directors On HALLOWEEN 2; Sequel To Rob Zombie’s Remake!

Back in a news report from June of this year, word got out that French director’s Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury were in talks to helm HALLOWEEN 2, the sequel to Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN remake. Now, the director’s themselves have commented about the upcoming flick in the pages of Rue Morgue magazine according to SHOCK.

Maury says, "it’s a proposition we couldn’t refuse." (From the SHOCK post:) He explains they’re reverent of Zombie’s re-imagining of Michael Myers and they’re out to put their stamp on the character not copy what came before them. "Therefore, our vision will be done with upmost respect, with a continuity of [Zombie’s] work but also a real evolution of the world he set in place."

Have you guys seen INSIDE yet? The flick these 2 crazy bastards made? It’s by far one of the most brutal and bloody movies that this writer has seen in years, so the idea of these guys making a Michael Myers flick is intriguing. We would assume that Scout Taylor-Compton would return as Laurie Strode. Rumor has it that Tyler Mane (Michael Myers) and Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Sam Loomis) signed sequel contracts when they signed on to the first film. September’s issue of Rue Morgue magazine will have the full interview with the director duo. More when we hear it!

Click the frame below to read our extensive FRIGHT exclusive interview with ROB ZOMBIE about his take on HALLOWEEN!

8 thoughts on “First Word From Directors On HALLOWEEN 2; Sequel To Rob Zombie’s Remake!

  1. I might have been brutal and bloody but the story line wasn’t good the movie was sub par at best,I don’t see this remake sequel being a must see by most horror fans if not all.

  2. I can’t believe they’re following through with a sequel to Zombie’s version. You know I actually did like it, because I was one of the few that could let go of what I knew of the Halloween series and relate to what Rob Zombie was doing… But I was hoping it was only a 1 time thing. The “ReMake” sequel could be great, but as a fan of the Series, I’d much rather see What happens after Michael wakes up in the hospital from HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION. This is getting ridiculous and they try to change the series too many times. The H20 & Curse of Michael Michaels are fine storylines to continue from. I’m sure most fans feel there’s No need to start over.

  3. Let’s give director’s Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury the benefit of the doubt folks! I personally LOVED INSIDE. I’m looking forward to a fresh perspective and take on Michael Myers. Besides, without the continuity of the original series, I have no idea what direction they’ll go with this. That’s pretty exciting.

  4. I don’t think a sequel to Rob Zombie’s remake should be done.
    The original film, in my opinion, deserved to have all seven sequels to follow, but with a remake like Rob’s, a sequel does not fit.

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